9 thoughts on “In which I have a shitty kid

  1. Ha! This is entirely your fault. I have no idea why, but that is how this parenting thing works. Myself, I had a biter. Hubby would pick him up and simply say, “yep I know, he takes after his mother.” My advice to you would be to relinquish all pride while you still have some 🙂


    1. He’s stuck in this vicious cycle of constipation, where just when he learns what it feels like when he needs to poop he gets constipated and suddenly pushing doesn’t do anything anymore. So he gets used to THAT, and then we even out the constipation and all the sudden he’s ruining underwear. The poor kid can’t catch a break.

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  2. Jesus. I don’t know what to say. We had a small bout of this at around 5 (maybe? I have a fuzzy memory). We freaked the fuck out over it. He corrected it himself. Not sure how. I’d tell you if I knew. Kids are inexplicable.


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