In which Amazon is still being assholes, and I try to read a book and fail

So Amazon’s still fucking with me.  I don’t really want to generate another 6000-word post right now but the latest is that they’ve pushed back the delivery to Friday the 23rd– another two entire weeks— and that 1) their Twitter help team promised me a phone call within 24 hours that never happened, then 2) I got back on online help and actually got someone who seemed to know what KDP was who promised I’d get a different response within 24 hours, and then two days later I got a response that was in such broken English that I can barely comprehend it that basically boiled down to “it says they’re getting delivered the 23rd, what’s the problem?”

None of these fuckers know what KDP is.  It’s their service.  They are literally the people printing the books.  There’s no way it takes this long.  And most of the time the people I’m corresponding with don’t even seem to know what the service is.  Clearly I need to move my entire production over to Ingram Spark, because I can’t have this happen again.  Redoing all the files is going to take a lot of time and cost an obnoxious amount of money so I’m not looking forward to it.  Hell, at this point I don’t even know who to gripe to at Amazon.  I need a motherfucker who lives in America, speaks English, and knows what the hell KDP is to get my shit moving, and hell if I know how to get ahold of that person right now.

91mF49yIKmLYou ever feel like you’re being unfair to a book because of your timing while reading it?  I loved The Traitor Baru Cormorant, ordered its sequel on the day it came out, and started reading it almost immediately, only to hit a massive goddamn wall when I realized that 1) I didn’t remember the first book all that well, what with having read it three years and probably 280 books ago; and 2) I just have not had the brain space for the last couple of weeks to read something with the complexity of a Seth Dickinson book.

So I’m like 100 pages from the end of Monster, and I can barely tell you what it’s been about, and I should have just put it back on the shelf a week and a half ago until I had the time and the headspace to reread the first book and then go straight into this one.  It’s not a bad book, but it’s going to prove unreviewable because I can’t trust my own impressions of it.  Trying to read this thing the same month as the election has just completely undone me.  I’ll probably finish it this weekend and four-star it just for the hell of it, and I need to reread it cover-to-cover before the (I assume) next book in the series comes out.  And then I need to spend some time reading, I dunno, picture books until I get my brainmeats back.  Because right now, I’m not reading this book.  I’m just looking at the words.  It’s a shame.


Someone has decided I’m done blogging for the night, so … yeah.  Have a good evening.

In which I literally can’t believe this shit


So, in theory I have to have heard of Jacob Wohl before yesterday, or at least become aware of his existence, because I already had him blocked on Twitter.  But … surely, surely the combination of this unbelievably fucking dumb story and the person claiming to be President insisting that we are under an existential threat because of the existence of a small band of starving refugees a thousand miles away from the US border, we’re at least going to have a brief reprieve on Republican idiocy before it gets worse again?  For a couple of weeks, at least?  Please?  I know full well that the two rules of Republicans are They Always Get Worse and They Only Get Worse.  I literally wrote those two rules.  But does the slope have to be constant?  Can we get a fucking break, please, just for a minute, before you idiot fuckweasels step on your dicks in public again?

I feel like I ought to be able to send these motherfuckers a bill for the brain cells I’ve lost since becoming aware of them.

At any rate.  I’ve been quiet around here for the last couple of days, mostly because I’ve been trying my damnedest to spend every available second asleep, and I still feel like I have a month of sleep deprivation to catch up on.  If I’m doing NaNoAnything I don’t seem to have started yet, and if it weren’t for the fact that I have an outside chance of actually passing up last year’s traffic numbers I’d seriously think about taking a hiatus at least until after the election.  I’ve already voted, so I think I’m probably justified in burying my head in whatever sand might be nearby until after the horrorshow is over.

But, y’know, as usual, anytime I say “I won’t be posting for a while!” the next post is 3000 words.  So.

In which I express frustration in a calm and reasonable fashion

UnknownFuck Facebook.

I killed my Clark Kent personal account over there several months ago and haven’t missed it, and I keep side-eyeing Luther Siler’s account and in particular Luther Siler’s page, which has 245 Likes at the moment.  I don’t really do anything with the page other than use it as a reblogger for posts, and I discovered to my extreme displeasure over the weekend that that hasn’t been actually happening for several months now.  There are no relevant Help documents on either WordPress or Facebook that are actually useful; I found some dark mutterings on the WP site about how Facebook won’t allow auto-publication to a profile any longer, only a page, but the page is what I’ve been trying to post to and what every visible indicator tells me I have been posting to.

Except, no.

My big knock against dumping Facebook lately has been not wanting to lose the traffic.  Apparently I’m not actually losing any, though, since I’m not posting anything over there and therefore any clickthroughs that are happening are not happening from my posts.  The new problem is the number of conventions and events who seem to organize most of everything through FB.  It would be nice to be able to still keep an eye on those things, y’know?  I hate the site and I’ve literally hated it since the first time I ever heard about it, but I think I’m still stuck with it and its shitty design and its shitty everything.

It would be nice if the shit just worked at least a little bit like it’s supposed to.

What we need … is a video

This is probably the single most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever done in this space, so please, forgive me, but: we’re vlogging tonight.

I’m so very sorry.

In which I’ve made a terrible mistake


I should never have been allowed anywhere near Bitmoji, and now that I’ve succumbed, getting text messages from me will never not be annoying again.  It’s going to be legitimately goddamn difficult to not print this out and leave it on my office door while I’m out of town later this week:


Speaking of, I was out Friday, and I spent the entire day today running to catch up from the carnage created by being out of the office for one day.  It wasn’t a stressful day, necessarily, but it was one of those days where I say to someone “let me go drop this off in my office and I’ll take care of that,” and six people grab me on the way to my office, four people call while I’m in my office, and two more grab me on the way back and what should have been five minutes turns into an hour.  Just busy as hell.

I will be out three days this week, and I don’t know how the hell I will ever recover from it.  But hey: that’s next week Luther’s problem!  This week Luther only has to go to work two days this week and then gets to take a road trip.


Stop me, someone.  Use bullets if necessary.  I deserve it.

I just need one that says “buy my books!” or “Support me on Patreon!” and I’m set.