10422952_10152838829129066_3704458122069004568_nJust spent an hour outside, in full costume, in 35 degree weather and a driving, visibility-limiting snowstorm, because I rock Halloween just that hard.

An inch of snow fell on my front yard while I was waiting for trick-or-treaters.  I gave every kid who came by a full candy bar and told them to just take a handful out of the bowl of candy.  Because Jesus what is happening out here.

Regular programming should resume tomorrow.unnamed

I’mma be honest here

I kind of feel bad, because I feel like you guys deserve at least one actual post with, like, some words today, but on the other hand I’m so tired I can feel it in my teeth.  I mean that literally, my teeth are tired.  Feels exactly like chewing on fresh-picked cotton.

So maybe I’m going to go to bed instead.  Go read about the cat again; that post seems to be getting some traction.  🙂

Amazonbiguity strikes again

The Martin book is about a hundred times as deluxe as I was thinking it was gonna be. Cool!


Want a free copy of SKYLIGHTS?

skylightscover02Giving away, oh, ten copies or so.  You’ll have to download it through Smashwords but they carry all the relevant formats.

Leave a comment.  I’ll pick up your email address through that and I’ll get back to you with a code later today.

Meanwhile, The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 is perma-free over there and has been for a while.

Don’t ‘Shut The Front Door’

YES. This. Totally and completely this. If you’re going to swear, swear. If you don’t want to, don’t. But you’re an asshole if you pull this halfway nonsense.


I’m going to swear a bit more than normal here. Maybe my mom and her friends shouldn’t read this one. I’ve had a couple of sappy blogs in a row now, and if you’ve followed my patterns, you know it is to be followed with something completely ignorant. I wouldn’t be me otherwise.

The topic of course is swearing. There are people who glorify swearing. I don’t think that’s me, although it’s not too far off the mark. There are people who don’t condone swearing. That’s me a very small percentage of the time. You can’t swear elegantly if you can’t pick your spots. I will say this though. I don’t condone substitute swearing. What’s that you ask? It’s when somebody says Fuzz, Frig, Fudge, when they really mean FUCK! (The exclamation mark was meant for the word, not for the whole sentence in case you’re one of those readers…

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