10422952_10152838829129066_3704458122069004568_nJust spent an hour outside, in full costume, in 35 degree weather and a driving, visibility-limiting snowstorm, because I rock Halloween just that hard.

An inch of snow fell on my front yard while I was waiting for trick-or-treaters.  I gave every kid who came by a full candy bar and told them to just take a handful out of the bowl of candy.  Because Jesus what is happening out here.

Regular programming should resume tomorrow.unnamed

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11 thoughts on “Whatthefuckoween

    1. It was warm enough. I had on about five layers of clothing, and that costume was originally for the Emperor from Star Wars; it’s a huge black cloak over a black robe. Combine that with thermal underwear and we’re all good. 🙂

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  1. Remind me what state you live in so I know not to ever move there! Here in Texas we’ve got the A/C running… But congrats on being totally awesome!


      1. Haha yes, it was originally planned for Halloween night, but there was a home football game then. Priorities, man. 😉 I guess they thought just changing it by a day would be less confusing.


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