Okay, but … giraffes

Feeding the giraffes was awesome, although it turns out they’re super skittish right now, because they’re not terribly used to people yet, so a lot of the experience involved being Very Patient and standing Very Still as an animal that could kick me into the upper stratosphere if it wanted to thought very carefully about whether I was too scary to accept lettuce from. Moving your arm slightly and watching as a sixteen-foot-tall, 3000-pound monstrosity turns and flees from your presence is kind of hilarious. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen giraffes run. It does not look right.

My training on Monday was, surprisingly, pretty good.

Everything else in the last few days has sucked, and I had my first shit day at work of the school year today as I showed up in a bad mood and absolutely could not shake it. This situation with the teacher who was attacked last week is becoming a bigger problem by the day. I’ve also taken on two additional classes– more on that later, as I don’t think I’ve actually talked about it around here yet– and right now my exhaustion level is back to first week of school levels. I didn’t want to skip three days in a row, though, so … giraffe.


Notre Dame lost again, I’ve gotten started on the next series for the YouTube channel, a game that I didn’t know existed yesterday, and my wife and the boy and I spent an hour or so playing a card game called Exploding Kittens.

Not bad, as Saturdays go.

Tomorrow I get to pet a giraffe, and I have a ton of grading to do, and then I have an all-day training on Monday, so no students. On Friday of next week I get to pick up my new iPhone. And there’s a chance that we’ll finally, finally play Gloomhaven tomorrow night, too.

Good day. And it’s gonna be a good week.

How’s everything going for you?

Your what now?

My son’s eleventh birthday party was today, and he and his friends from Hogwarts had a laser tag party. This note from one of said friends was tucked into a card, and I would love to know if that kid’s mom vetted the note or not.

Either way I think I’m kinda scared.

I’m not dead

I swear, I’m not dead.

Tired, yes. Deeply, powerfully bone-tired. Third week of school tired.

But not dead. I even still like all my kids.

I just gotta get my stamina and number of hours of sleep a night to “school has started” levels, stat.

In which I’m glad you’re safe

…you don’t know this, but you almost died just now. If you recall– this will not require a high level of recollective prowess, don’t worry– I had Covid, or at least I thought I did, earlier this week and last weekend. I never once tested positive. I actually spent some time at work this week and generally enjoyed myself; I still really like my kids, which isn’t rare, necessarily, but it’s rare that I’m even just this far into the school year and haven’t yet identified the kids who are going to be a huge pain in my ass all year. I’m sure there will be some, but I genuinely don’t know who they are yet.

Earlier today we were taking the pool down for the day and my wife made a comment about how terrible the ground under the pool smelled. I commented that I couldn’t smell it. Two minutes later, I had my nose in a jar of minced garlic and, while I could tell there was garlic in the jar, I had used the jar the previous day to make some grits and I knew good and Goddamn well that I couldn’t smell it nearly as clearly as I’d been able the day before.

One Covid test later, I was somehow negative again, which is why you’re still alive, because I would surely have ended all life on Earth had I received a positive test five days after being symptom-free and returning to work. Why I’m getting new symptoms today when I’ve been fine since, like, Sunday night or Monday afternoon is an open question.

I have spent most of my leisure time in the last couple of days building Lego sets. I have never reviewed a Lego set on this site, but it might be time to do so, because the Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck set is amazing, and the set I’m working on now, the moon lander, is pretty fucking sweet in its own right.