#30daysongchallenge, Day 24

The theme of Day 24 is “A song by a band you wish were still together.” And I’m going to interpret that to mean bands that are broken up as opposed to someone critical having passed away. Gonna choose somebody a bit less obvious for this one, I think:

Who do you wish were still recording?

In which I’m not dead yet

Close? Yes, close. Today was a little better than yesterday, but not by much. Tomorrow is payday, and Friday, and there’s a three-day weekend coming. I can do this.


#30daysongchallenge: Day 23

This is “a song you think everybody should listen to,” so … hmm. Something a bit more obscure, like a b-side or a deeper cut. OK:

What song should I know about?

On my favorite part of the day

There are so many possible options. Could it be…

  • My foot flying out from underneath me on literally my first step out of my car when trying to go into work this morning?
  • The not-one-not-two-but-three teachers who grabbed me and asked me for help and/or favors before I managed to take my goddamn coat off once I got in the building?
  • Babysitting a room full of deeply obnoxious 8th graders with no lesson plans of any kind during homeroom and first hour?
  • Returning a computer to a kid for something like the tenth or eleventh time in the last few weeks and catching myself just before telling him that if he lost it again I’d be making sure he couldn’t lose it again by shoving it sideways up his ass the next time I returned it?
  • The ten different kids– I counted– who came to bother me about charging their computers during second and third hour, which is about five times the normal number?
  • My terrible decision to go to Panda Express for lunch?
  • The two hours this afternoon where my right leg decided it didn’t need to be a leg anymore, probably courtesy of item #1?
  • Realizing that I’d been so busy over the course of the day that I’d manage to accumulate forty-five emails that I needed to read or respond to, most before going home?
  • Realizing that the “upgrade” to an essential part of our district’s content monitoring strategy, which hasn’t worked since late December and had just been pronounced “fixed,” was not only not fixed but might have been actually downgraded, and having to explain that to half a dozen angry teachers in half a dozen separate conversations?
  • The general, ongoing feeling of “none of this shit is my fault at all and I’m trying to be as gentle with y’all as I can possibly be while I’m explaining that I know that everything is still fucked and I can’t fix it but I’m starting to reach the point where I’mma snap off on the next person who looks at me sideways about this”?
  • Accidentally sticking my foot into a disciplinary issue with literally 20 minutes left in the school day and emailing another staff member to say “I’m not doing shit about this because I’m tired but you can if you want to”?
  • The vague realization that Friday, at least, promises to be way worse than today was, and tomorrow’s got pretty heavy bullshit potential too?

Right now I think it’s probably the leg, but there’s still like five hours left in the day before I’m going to be in bed.

#30daysongchallenge: Day 22

This one is “A song that moves you forward,” and … I’m not sure what this means. But this is a good “had a rough day and want to die” song, and that’s probably close to what they’re getting at. I have driven home from work blaring this at unsafe volume MANY times:

What moves you forward?