Colin Powell died today; if you’ve been around for a while you can probably predict my feelings on all aspects of that situation without me going to the trouble to type them. Today is also the last day of my Fall Break– moving into the last couple of hours, frankly– and if you’ve been around for a while you can probably predict my feelings on all aspects of that situation without me going to the trouble to type them just as well.

My wife just came into the office to get some work done and I asked her if she had any strong opinions she’d like to express on my blog and she declined. So I’m going to get a couple of minor things done for work that I’ve been putting off and finish listening to Finneas Eilish’s debut album (so far, thumbs up, but we’ll see if I’m still listening to it in a month) and then I think I’ll curl up with a book or something. Tomorrow, perhaps, I shall have Opinions on Things.

How about no?

Sure, WordPress, I’ll drop $36K a year minimum on analytics for my hundred hits a day and the no money this blog is making me. These advertising dollars were well spent!

(I pay $90 a year for the blog. Why the hell do they think this is relevant to me?)

I’ve got nothing today, really, but I’m about to go live over at YouTube for a little while so pop on over, say hi, and subscribe. 🙂

In which I am curious

The post I wrote about TJ Klune’s The House in the Cerulean Sea is, for no reason I can figure out, one of my most popular posts of the year, and I keep getting bursts of visits to it from sites that I don’t recognize and can’t access. Maybe someone following a link will look at the rest of the blog and answer this; what exactly is is “Canada’s biggest bookstore,” and I created an account there hoping that that meant I could get into the “discuss” site, but the two sites don’t appear to share common logins and while I can see lots of referrals from there I can’t see anything past the screen you’re probably looking at when you click on the link.

I don’t actually intend to participate in the conversations but I’d love to know why this post is getting so much attention, and every time it happens it’s from a site I can’t access. Anybody care to shed any light, or know what the “discuss” part of that site actually is?

Lots of family stuff today– my father-in-law’s birthday was yesterday– and so I’ve been busy, and I have grading to ignore, so that’s what I’ve got for today. Hopefully I’ll get lucky and someone will fill me in.


I actually have a story for you, but I appear to have fallen down some sort of rabbit hole this evening and almost forgot about y’all again, and it’s past 9:00 already. So I’m just going to tell you I have scheduled my Covid booster and a flu shot for tomorrow– that’s not the story– and I am planning on being sick for the rest of the weekend. Exciting!


I don’t actually think that having posted 269 days in a row on this site without interruption is much in the way of achievements, but I must admit that having that streak interrupted because I wrote an “I am too tired to post” post and then forgot to hit publish and didn’t notice until the next day is kind of annoying.

Ah well. We begin again, I suppose.