Monthly Reads: June 2020

I tried to get this picture in my lightbox, but there were too damn many books to pull it off, especially if I wanted the Kindle stuck in there. Book of the Month: LEONARDO DA VINCI, by Walter Isaacson.

Monthly Reads: May 2020

See if you can find the inadvertent theme for this month’s books. Book of the Month: 10KDoJ and Split Tooth, but this was a good month.

Unread Shelf: May 31, 2020

Guys. My unread shelf is under control. When you consider that it looked like this a month ago? I managed to go an entire month without buying any books. That da Vinci biography is gonna take a minute but I’ll probably be done with the other three in a week or so.

11:39 AM, Sunday, May 31: 1,773,020 confirmed infections and 103,853 American deaths. I updated late last night so not much change since then.


Spent today mowing and reading; this lazy bastard spent today laying on my wife. I think my favorite thing about him is that black ring around his neck; it goes all the way around, and if we ever decide to have his head mounted on a wall or turn him into some sort of futuristic head-mounted-on-a-hovering-robot-body cat we have a perfect place to start.

9:02 PM, Saturday May 30: 1,769,776 confirmed cases and 103,768 Americans dead.

Monthly Reads: April 2020

Book of the Month: SHOREFALL, by Robert Jackson Bennett, but this month has some seriously good books in it.