Unread Shelf: August 31, 2022

Who else could not possibly be any happier to see the end of August?

Let’s play a game

Six books, all from my Unread Shelf, next to Squirrelly Dan for scale. Which book has the most pages, and which has the fewest? The answer may surprise and enthrall you!

Today I got to feed an otter

This is not the otter, whose name was Wildcat, but the peacock took better pictures. This is the closest he’s ever let me get.

Monthly Reads: July 2022

The Book of the Month is going to be Ciel Pierlot’s Bluebird, I think, although you can probably imagine there was some steep competition.

Unread Shelf: July 31, 2022

And my brother gave me a book he wanted me to read while we were in Michigan. Sigh.