Monthly Reads: September 2021

Book of the Month is… man, a really difficult choice this month, as there were a lot of really solid reads but no major standout. Ask me on a different day and I might tell you The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu, Island Beneath the Sea (usually books I’ve not finished are ineligible, but I’m 30 pages from the end, so whatever,) or Black Water Sister, but I think this month’s winner is Nightbitch, for sheer staying power if nothing else.

I am too tired to brain

…which is sort of turning into a theme for Thursdays, I think. IN lieu of a post, please accept this picture of a kitten.

Monthly reads: August 2021

It will surprise no one to learn that the Book of the Month is Fonda Lee’s Jade Legacy, but if I limit myself to books that are actually available to the general public, I’ll go with Vita Nostra.

Unread Shelf: August 31, 2021

Had to get this in early, before the most recent batch arrives.

Name this Cat, pt 2

She is apparently not Morrigan, nor is she Willow. Suggestions?