Hall of Heroes Con 2019 Cosplay, Day 2

Cosplay and broasted potatoes. More cons should feature food trucks with broasted potatoes. Also, the two panorama-style photos are from the cosplay contest, which … Jesus.

Hall of Heroes Con 2019 Cosplay, Day 1

Cosplay! Getcha cosplay right here! Highlight of the day: selling not one but two books to Genderbent Freddy Krueger In Comfortable Ugg Boots. Second highlight is the mother-daughter Wonder Woman combination, because come on.

Unread Shelf: September 1, 2019

Monthly Reads: August 2019

Book of the Month: Children of Time, by Adrian Tchaikovsky, and it’s flat ridiculous that the Best Novel Hugo Winner I read this month is only the third-best book I read. 2019 has been such a good year for reading, guys.

Monthly Reads: July 2019

Book of the Month: Wanderers, by Chuck Wendig, but that entire bottom four are all fantastic books, and I’m pretty sure Jade War would have been BotM had I managed to finish it in July. Jade City isn’t eligible on account of being a reread, but I’ve already said how much I liked that one.