Monthly Reads: January 2021

Book of the Month is gonna be Bump, I think. How are we a month into 2021 already?

Unread Shelf: January 31, 2021

This is Christmas Amazon money gone completely wild. Hopefully this is as nuts as my unread shelf is going to look this year.

The view from my hotel window: South Bend, IN

It ain’t much, and it’s mostly my reflection, but the room has wi-fi and heat, neither of which my actual house has, nor will it until late tomorrow morning at the earliest and possibly not until Monday afternoon.

So. Here we are.

Monthly reads: December 2020

Book of the month: THE BURNING GOD, by R.F. Kuang.

Unread Shelf: December 31, 2020

See, this looks like I’ve made progress from last month, but only because you don’t see the pile of books that Amazon is literally dropping off at my door right now because my office has a view of the driveway and I just saw the guy. If I hit post before I pick them up they don’t count.