Monthly Reads: August 2020

Book of the Month is THE VANISHING HALF, by Brit Bennett.

Unread Shelf, Aug. 31 2020

This will grow by three by the end of the day, since I have a package coming.

Monthly Reads: July 2020

Book of the Month is C.T. Rwizi’s Scarlet Odyssey, with an Honorable Mention for Conjure Women and Vanished Queen. It’s funny; I had thought my eye surgery would have really slowed down my reading this month, but from the size of the pile it doesn’t look like it. Also, I forgot the Sherlock Holmes book, but that was part of a huge compilation so whatever.

Unread Shelf: July 31, 2020

Not as out of control as it looks, mostly because almost everything’s in hardback for some reason.

Monthly Reads: June 2020

I tried to get this picture in my lightbox, but there were too damn many books to pull it off, especially if I wanted the Kindle stuck in there. Book of the Month: LEONARDO DA VINCI, by Walter Isaacson.