No, I mean it, I’m fine

I’m going to be out of town for the next three days. I will probably still post anyway because that’s who I am, and the channel already has videos posted through Monday, and I am an immense ball of stress right now, so I’m going to go shoot robots with arrows again. Video game violence will keep me from the real thing, right?

(In addition to everything else, I’m on my shit about Marvel and Star Wars fans again, thus the desire for violence. I don’t hate y’all, specifically, but I hate y’all collectively.)

This post is for you

I need novelty. Recommend some stuff.

It is Saturday

My wife is back home, finally, and I literally took her on a tour of our house once she’d had a chance to decompress and take a shower so that I could make sure that she knew where I had moved everything during my week-long reign of cleaning and reorganizing terror. I have taken care of some things in the last few days that have bothered both of us for half a decade or more. There will be no pictures just yet, but they’re coming, I promise.

That’s all I’ve got, really. We spent most of the rest of the day sitting around and staring. I’m going to play one of the Video Games. You may have heard of the concept before. Video games and ice water for the rest of the night.

So much to say

Here’s the thing, y’all: I actually have too much shit to talk about, and the weight of it is breaking my brain. I have legitimately been spending time every day for the last week or so trying to fix American politics, and Lord, the rage-filled rant I could be posting today after the (entirely stuff we already knew but it’s nice to see it testified to in public) January 6th committee hearing. And I came in here an hour ago with no other intent than to sit down and write, one way or another, a barn-burner of a post, and instead I’m listening to Counting Crows, picking at my fingers, and burning zero barns.

In fact, I stared into space for most of an entire song after writing that paragraph.

I’m tired, and I’ve earned it; I’ve gotten an immense amount of shit done around the house in the last few days, with still a couple of big projects left to go before my wife gets home on Saturday. I’m planning on mostly taking tomorrow off from the list because I have a morning of teacher training to get through about our new Math curriculum, so I will either be coming home energized and excited about a new school year or demoralized and disgusted and ready to start job hunting again. I figure it’s 50/50.

Maybe it’ll give me something to write about. We’ll see.

No thank you

Another rough mental health day, another “don’t look at the news” day, another, another, another …

I’m going to spend the rest of the evening with my PlayStation, thanks.