Taking tonight off

…like, I can’t even come up with a clever headline for this post, that’s how zonked my brain is right now. I’ve managed to put some work together for tomorrow and get my grading done and that’s all I’ve got left at the moment, so it’s time to move to official laying-about type behavior.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, y’all.

You may have figured this out

Taking tonight off. See you tomorrow, y’all.

Zzzzzz what

As I write this, things look uncertain but tentatively good for the presidency– while a number of critical states haven’t been called yet, numbers look good in Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania, along with what I think is still a decent shot in Georgia.

That said, basically every other election I was interested in didn’t go my way, so I’m not in the greatest mood right now. I’m crabby and much more tired than I feel like I should be and I just got out of a team meeting that I can’t believe I didn’t fall asleep during. I don’t really want anything to do with work tomorrow.

So, typical day in 2020 I guess.

Taking tonight off

No good reason, just not feeling it. Go hug somebody.

In which I am dead

Parent/Teacher conferences tonight, for two and a half hours. I am … less psyched about the rest of my evening than I might be.