In which I outsource

This isn’t exactly a secret: every now and again I post something here just so that I know where to find it later. That’s sort of what’s going on here. We’re putting a new roof on our house this spring and just today got an email about choosing shingle colors. We had 17 options to choose from assuming we didn’t change the level of shingle we were choosing, and my wife and I have been firing text messages back and forth all day and we’ve whittled those seventeen options down to five:

These were uploaded in no particular order; three of them were her choices and two were mine. I don’t like one of her three, and she wasn’t fond of one of my two but was willing to see it in person. Feel free to play games in comments and try to guess which is which if you like.

This is a weird decision to make, honestly; on one hand, I don’t care at all; my feelings about my house are not going to be changed by the color of the new roof, which is going to be an improvement over the old one no matter what, which isn’t falling apart or anything but can definitely see the end of its life from where it is now. If my wife has strong feelings about one of these she’s going to win, because I don’t. I didn’t like the shingles on our current roof and any of the five will be an improvement just from the style– the current roof is set up to look like none of the shingles overlap each other, almost like brickwork, and I’ve never really been a fan.

On the other hand, there’s nothing my obsessive-ass brain loves more than obsessing over minutiae, and the distinction between those five is minor enough to qualify, I think. I look forward to thinking deeply about what each of these colors Says About Me and which matches better with the color of our house and– ooh– I can’t be copying colors from the neighbors, either, so I need to go actually look at the roofs of their houses, because right now I don’t have the slightest idea what color anyone else’s roof is, but I can’t possibly have the same color.

So. What do you think? What should my roof look like? Feel free to pretend you have strong opinions and defend them vociferously if you like.

On small victories

I had cheesy grits and vegan breakfast sausage for dinner just now and I’m fairly certain it’s not only the best decision I made all day, it’s probably the only good decision I made all day.

I am now going to play video games for an hour and then go to bed, because I’ve had more than enough of today.

In which I did not

I appear to have hit some sort of “sitting at your desk too damn long” wall today, because my everything hurts, and I don’t think I can blame the new chair, which indeed I am growing to like quite a lot, although I’ll never be able to recline in the motherfucker.

…and, yeah, I’ve been staring at an empty screen for ten minutes trying to get back whatever idea I had this morning, where I thought I had a quick and easy idea for a post (along the general theme of “I am dumb,” which is my favorite subgenre and I’m sure yours as well) and I cannot recall it to save my life.

Oh well. Y’all are going to have to find a way to forgive me.

I got nothing tonight

I keep wondering why I’m so tired, and then remembering that I had to be at a doctor’s appointment this morning at a time before I’m normally even out of bed, and then they took some of my blood away, and it’s my understanding that that can be tiring.




I have been in Screeching Stressed-Out Rage Beast mode all day. Posting today is not happening.