It has been a long day

One of my co-workers found out over the phone that his pregnant daughter’s doctors had failed to detect a fetal heartbeat during a routine examination this morning.  The last time he was at work, he got a call that his father had just died.  That sort of day.

I’m going to leave this link here.  It won’t cheer you up, mind you, but it’s crossed my mind that pissing off our own intelligence services may not have been the shitgibbon’s best possible move, and while I’m not always fond of the proprietor of Gin and Tacos I think he’s in the right here.

More cheerful tomorrow.  I’ll do my best, at least.

I’m alive, I promise

The last few days have been pretty similar: work all day, get home pissed off and tired from work (two ten-mile days this week), log onto Twitter to find out what horrors the shitgibbon unleashed that day (threatened to invade Mexico and hung up on the Australian PM on the same day?  Sure!) and then go directly the fuck to bed.

Today I played videogames and read books.  I’ll try to come up with something interesting to say tomorrow, though.

In which I am not dead, nor am I dying

I am, however, having foolishly agreed to help one of my co-workers out by switching schedules with him this week, about to embark on an eight-day stand at work– which will involve no less than five eleven-hour shifts.

Things may be quiet around here for a bit, is what I’m saying, and that’s without counting the paralyzing depression that will be setting in on Friday.