Sorry, still no

It has been a miserable couple of days, not the least because today is the third anniversary of my mom’s passing. I’ll try and have my shit together tomorrow but right now I just don’t.

Not tonight

I am absolutely and undeniably going to die if I’m not asleep within, like, two hours at the most. Today was not a bad day by any stretch of the imagination but it’s been a minute since I’ve had to get up and actually do anything, much less something starting at 7:30 in the morning, and I am about ready to fall down. Have yourself a lovely evening; I’m going to go learn some Arabic and read a little bit and then it’s 8 hours of sleep tonight or bust.

(Remind me to talk more about the CPAP, btw. tl;dr it’s going well.)

In which I am melted

It is probably a good indicator of my current mental state that I just had to spend a solid couple of minutes looking at the front page of this here blog and my watch in order to determine whether I’d taken one day off from posting or two. Indeed, the answer was one, as today is the third, which means that if I posted on the first (which I did), taking one day off would mean that the numbers added up right.

That was very complicated math, and it took a while.

(stares into space for ten minutes, glances at phone)


Christmas Eve

I went out and braved the cold— the snow kind of fizzled in our neck of the woods; we got barely an inch– to buy eggnog this afternoon, which probably counts as the single most festive thing I’ve ever done. I also bought lemonade, generally considered more of a summer drink, but what the hell, I’m a rebel.

Have I recommended Andor yet? You should watch Andor. And if you’re celebrating today or tomorrow, I hope you have a lovely day, and if you don’t, I hope you have a lovely day anyway. I’ll likely post at some point but don’t expect anything too fancy.

Here it comes

We’re expecting up to a foot of snow, starting tomorrow and continuing through Saturday, and tomorrow is the last day of school before Winter Break. No one will be there and it will be fine. And then God will dump a ton of snow on my house so that no one can come talk to me for a couple of days at least, and possibly moving our planned Saturday Christmas dinner to Sunday, which is actual Christmas, which would suit me just fine.

All I need is to get home before the snow starts tomorrow. No problem, right?