I think I’m still here

This was a long, long, LONG week, as we finished up state testing. I have no idea how I’m going to get through the rest of what we’re supposed to cover in either of my classes; I feel like testing ate up six damn weeks. I came home and fell asleep on the couch, and I am looking forward to not moving a whole hell of a lot for the next couple of days.


I hate it here

It makes perverse, annoying sense that just as soon as my job stabilizes and I get myself into a good place that Indiana officially makes itself so unbearable that I can’t stand the idea of living here any longer.

Still in a mood, obviously; hopefully I’ll get through it before the end of Spring Break.

A quick story

I was going to tell you about something dumb that happened with one of my students on Friday, but then a whole bunch of shit happened all at once and now I’m in full-blown Despair for the Future mode and not capable of “funny.” Sorry about that.

Fuck the Indiana legislature, by the way. Hell with it, fuck the whole state.

LOL, Whoops

I was gonna blog tonight but instead I live-streamed Diablo IV for an hour and a half? That wasn’t actually part of the plan.

Taking tonight off

Tomorrow is going to be either exceptionally easy or a huge pain in the ass. Take bets in comments!