Hit the ground burnin and woke up frostbit

Today was a Tuesday, in case you were wondering.  I don’t know what it is about Tuesdays.  But today was definitely a Tuesday.  I think I need a T-shirt or something.

At any rate, on the way home from work the following two songs flashed into my head.  I still have every syllable of both songs memorized.  I probably haven’t listened to the Kool Moe Dee song in the larger part of a decade.  It’s really weird how the music that you were listening to when you were in middle school and high school sticks with you forever.

Or maybe it’s not, I dunno.  It’s not like I’m not still listening to the same stuff.   🙂  At any rate, enjoy some old-school hiphop while I go to bed early and try to recharge enough to make it through Wednesday.

In which I am sleepy and content

It was, all told, a pretty good day, with several hours of video games in the morning, some quality time with my wife, a visit to my parents, a couple of minor projects completed, and I finished a book.

Oh, and then I got home and saw this, somehow for the first time, ever, and it has improved the quality of my entire life by at least 2-3%.

(This next one is a bonus video; I don’t actually have time to watch it right now but I suspect it will go well when I do.)

Random: on earworms and evil

Do you think the music teacher who taught me the song “Ging gang goolie” in elementary school realized it would keep me from sleeping thirty years later?  And what is the appropriate punishment for that horrible crime?

EDIT:  Per request from the comments.  My version has some different vowels, which is sort of interesting, but it’s the same otherwise.