Unread Shelf: November 1, 2019

This is completely the hell out of control and I intend to read at least 2/3 of these in November. We will see if I make it.

KOKOMO-CON 2019: The Cosplay

I did not take a ton of cosplay pictures today, but what I did get was of pretty impressive entertainment value. More on the show tomorrow; I’m beat.

Kokomo-Con 2019!

I’m here! Get here!

Unread Shelf: September 30, 2019

Ah, the joys of photographing books on a black bookshelf in my dark-ass bedroom.

I did not buy many books in August. I, uh, fixed that problem in September. Also notable is that three of the books on the shelf are ARCs, sent to me for free for a review, which is always fun. That second Thom Hartmann book will be getting a read real soon and a review in the next few days, for example.