I just remembered this

At some point on Thursday I was idly chatting with a few of my kids and I realized that the next day was going to be Friday the 13th. As I was already aware that several key staff members were going to be out, I said, out loud and in front of witnesses, that we were going to be in for a mess of a day.

And honestly? I ended up picking up two periods of class coverage but Friday ended up being a really chill day at work. And then I get in the car to go home and on the drive home it starts settling in that I’m getting sick, and then … boom. Fucking Covid.

I’m not typically particularly superstitious and I don’t remember the last time I even noticed a Friday the 13th, so this is an extra special layer of bullshit on the cake.

Covid report, Day 2

… I’m fine, I guess?

I’ll be real: if it was just a matter of symptoms, I would absolutely be planning on returning to work tomorrow. It wouldn’t even be in question. Right now I’m probably about exactly 48 hours from my positive test. My fever was up to 101.7 yesterday, although I sort of suspect the thermometer of measuring high, because I feel like 101.7 is real real sick and I never even felt close to that sick. The fever broke last night and I’m back to normal today. Really, the only symptoms I have are an occasional cough, equally occasional sneezing, and some really slight congestion– enough that I notice it but not enough that I find it particularly debilitating.

There’s also some fatigue; I got bored this afternoon and did some cleaning and took a long shower, shaving my face and my head, and I needed a nap afterwards. I slept until 11:15 this morning, too, and that hasn’t happened unintentionally in forever. One way or another, though, barring some sort of relapse the main difficulty has been keeping myself busy without losing my mind. The vaccines have done their job, as far as I’m concerned; this virus has killed a million people in the US and it was a two-day mild inconvenience for me. I’d prefer to not have gotten it at all, obviously, but so far this has been a best-case scenario.

Fingers are gonna remain crossed regardless, though. I know this fucker tends to morph on people, so I’m far from out of the woods, but so far so good. Plus Sushi has been super friendly for the last couple of days. She’s definitely the prickly one of the three cats, so it’s always nice when she decides to like people.

I have Covid

Day One of isolating only has me mildly crazy so we’ll see how the rest of my five days goes. Honestly the biggest problem right now is not having access to my computer.

I had a lot of things to do today

so I took a two-hour nap as soon as I got home, and now I’m going to stay awake just long enough to make it decent and I’m going right back to bed. There’s a slight possibility that I’m getting sick again but I think it’s just allergies and the stress from the week bleeding off.

Some recent developments

I listened to Down With the Sickness and Fuck Dying on the way home from work two different days this week.

We have recently discovered that not only is Fatima deaf, or at least very close to it (at least one ear appears to be completely bollixed, which I’m pretty sure is the medical term) but she may have been so for her entire life. How no one appears to have noticed this until now is left as an exercise for the viewer. How this will affect her ability to learn English, however, remains my problem for at least eight more days. I would love to say that I’ve been able to help these kids adapt to living in America, but … not so much, I think. If I stay in education, I do plan to spend some time this summer learning at least a little bit of Pashto, because I don’t think these families are going to stop coming anytime soon.

In other news, I covered for one of the 7th grade teachers yesterday afternoon, and without realizing I was doing it, I did myself a big favor. One of the problems with working in a school where you don’t know all of the kids (and I don’t know any of the kids below 8th grade, nor do I know all of the 8th graders, although I’d bet I’m at 90% or so) is that the only kids who are visible to you are the shitheads. I’m pretty sure I can identify at least half of the 7th grade shitheads at least by their faces, although I don’t know a lot of names. The good kids? They’re invisible, because they don’t fuck up in the hallways (they’re mostly not in the hallways in the first place) and so you never notice them. It was the same thing as when I worked at the grant coordinator at the school before I quit– I was working in the office. Who gets sent to the office? Shitheads! Whose names do you know? Shitheads! So it’s easy to assume they’re all like that.

Well, one way or another, I got lucky and landed on what turned out to be this particular teacher’s favorite class. And they were fun! It’s not like we did a lot of academic stuff or anything like that but I sat and chatted with several of them for a while and just in general interacting with all of them was pleasant. There’s always a lot of trepidation in covering kids you don’t know in a class you don’t know, because who the hell knows what kind of shit you could be getting yourself into, so this was helpful. At least I know a few who might actually be nice to have in class next year.

If, y’know, I lose my mind and come back again.