It has been a long day

One of my co-workers found out over the phone that his pregnant daughter’s doctors had failed to detect a fetal heartbeat during a routine examination this morning.  The last time he was at work, he got a call that his father had just died.  That sort of day.

I’m going to leave this link here.  It won’t cheer you up, mind you, but it’s crossed my mind that pissing off our own intelligence services may not have been the shitgibbon’s best possible move, and while I’m not always fond of the proprietor of Gin and Tacos I think he’s in the right here.

More cheerful tomorrow.  I’ll do my best, at least.

Hit the ground burnin and woke up frostbit

Today was a Tuesday, in case you were wondering.  I don’t know what it is about Tuesdays.  But today was definitely a Tuesday.  I think I need a T-shirt or something.

At any rate, on the way home from work the following two songs flashed into my head.  I still have every syllable of both songs memorized.  I probably haven’t listened to the Kool Moe Dee song in the larger part of a decade.  It’s really weird how the music that you were listening to when you were in middle school and high school sticks with you forever.

Or maybe it’s not, I dunno.  It’s not like I’m not still listening to the same stuff.   🙂  At any rate, enjoy some old-school hiphop while I go to bed early and try to recharge enough to make it through Wednesday.

In which I need my knees broken

67788272.jpgSo I just found out this is going to be my schedule in the latter part of March:

Saturday, March 18: Work from 9-8
Sunday, March 19: Work from 12-6
Monday, March 20: Board plane to Denver– which, to make sure we’re clear, is not where my wife or my son live.  Upon leaving plane, attend sales meetings.
Tuesday, March 21-Thursday, March 23:  Lots and lots of sales meetings.  Probably involving some sort of roleplaying, with my days and evenings full of the sort of alpha males who might attend these sorts of things.  I don’t drink and will have nothing in common with any of these people and will probably be having to share a hotel room with someone.
Friday, March 24: Attend morning sales meetings and then fly back home.
Saturday, March 25: Work from 9-8
Sunday, March 26: Work from 12-6.  I have been informed that I will receive my “average daily pay” for the days I’m in Denver, and that if I manage to exceed my average sales for an entire week over the 25th and 26th I will receive a bonus of… wait for it… fifty dollars!
Monday, March 27: Work from 9-8
Tuesday, March 28: Work from 9-8
Wednesday, March 29: Work from 9-2:30.

And then come home and die.

I’m going to need someone to badly injure me on the 19th.  Anybody wanna get in on that? Is there a line already?

holy shit dude LOOK at my HAND


Ah, what the hell, let’s just keep it full-size.

So, last night I took a pain pill before bed because I was jimmylegging like hell (look it up, it’s a thing) and also because my back and knees were bugging me.   This morning I woke up still feeling a bit loopy.  That’s not entirely uncommon but generally it goes away within an hour or two.

It is now twenty-four hours since I took the pill– one pill!  And not even something illegal or even particularly unwise!  One damn Norco!– and I’m still having intermittent bursts of dizziness and ooh my head why is the world upside-down going on.  Also earlier today I had an oak butterfly leaf dropped directly on my thumb and it is all sorts of unnatural colors and I probably ought not to be typing right now because hurty.

Also I sold a lot of furniture today, or at least I think I did, which is kind of surprising because all I really remember from work is putting my head down on the counter a lot.  Apparently that’s good salesmanship for at least some humans.  Dunno why.

I’m going to spend the next six hours watching my thumbnail change color.  Please do something better with your Saturday night than I’m doing.  Assuming it’s Saturday night where you are.  I’m not sure anymore.