In which I am healthy/ In which am somewhat of a geek

chiropractor_in_grand_rapids_-_funny_exercise_pictureGot to leave work early today because of a doctor’s appointment; I’m proud to announce that my liver appears to no longer be eating itself.  Everything that should be down is down (in particular, I’ve dropped 12 pounds since early August) and… well, actually, nothing was supposed to be higher than it was a month ago.  Blood pressure, liver enzymes, weight, errythang.  All down.  I actually got a hug.  Most doctors don’t hug, but mine does.

Then I went looking for Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys, which I sorta knew was gonna be a fool’s errand so I wasn’t super annoyed when it predictably went nowhere.  I have decided that I will allow myself to buy Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren, Rey, and Finn, in the traditional 3.75″ barely-articulable version, but that will be it.  Possibly a stormtrooper, because for some reason I really dig the alterations to the armor that they’ve made. That will be it, though.  I found zero of those figures at Target, and then came home and fiddled around online trying to buy them and had a startlingly poor time at that too.  I’ll give it a couple of weeks and see what happens.   I’m pretty sure I don’t need them right now.

Somewhat more worrying is that Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars book is out, and while it’s currently Amazon’s #1 book (!!!  Go Chuck!) it’s getting shockingly poor reviews.  I have not liked a single one of the books released in the new continuity, and they’ve been getting worseKevin Hearne’s Luke Skywalker book was unreadable, and I really like Kevin Hearne.  If Chuck effin’ Wendig can’t write a Star Wars book that I like, it may be time to pack it in.  That said, some of the reviews have a whiff of Internet Asshole about them.  I’ll probably end up buying it, but if this one doesn’t work I’ll have to be done.  I have dozens of Star Wars books I can reread if the urge strikes, after all.  It’s just that none of them count anymore.

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    1. I have literally dozens of them that aren’t crap, is the thing. And I really like Chuck Wendig’s writing. If I’d disliked them from the beginning and was still buying them that would be another story.


  1. I guess I’m stuck with Ursula Le Guin then. Although I DO have a Mammoth 2013 sci fi compendium to make sense of. Can’t do what ifs of film scifi and btw what thought you of intergalactic?


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