This post normally runs every other Sunday or so.  I figure since I just did a convention, I might have some new readers– so here’s some other places you can find me!  

I’m Luther Siler.  I’m a writer and an editor.  Welcome to my blog,

I’ve written several books you might be interested in, ranging from short story collections to near-future science fiction to fantasy space opera to nonfiction, all available as ebooks or in print from Amazon.  Autographed books can be ordered straight from me as well.

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Click print cover con exclusive

I have thrown both caution and financial security to the wind– screw it, I got me a decent-paying job now, I can do that once in a while– and paid through the nose for both rush printing and rush shipping, but: barring an act of God or nature, I will have copies of CLICK available for purchase at Kokomo-Con next Saturday.   I just got my booth, too– I’ll be in Booth #44, which looks like a pretty good spot, on a corner not far from the main entrance.


Remember, there are only two ways to buy CLICK right now: first, by buying it directly from me at a convention, or second, by supporting me on Patreon at the $2 a month tier (“Grond’s Chess Buddies”) or higher.  Kokomo-Con was a blast last year; it’s a smaller, one-day con and probably one of my favorite convention experiences I’ve had so far.  Come out and see me!

CLICK: Today! Right now, in fact!

Click print cover con exclusive

So, it’s a good-news-bad-news kind of day.  The good news is that CLICK is live as an ebook and has, in fact, already been shared with Patreon supporters.  And there’s still time to join them for as little as $1 a month to get an immediate copy of the book!

Additional good news: the print copy is ready!  That’s the print cover, right there!

The bad news: no one will print it for me, and I’m enormously fucking frustrated right now, because I’ve been doing nothing but fussing over .doc and .pdf and .png and Gimp files for about eight hours.  I was hoping to have this ready for Kokomo-Con on the 13th and right now barring a miracle that’s not going to happen.  Amazon’s print service apparently will not allow you to print a book that isn’t set up for distribution on Amazon– I swear that wasn’t the case before– and the small handful of other services I’ve checked out in the last few hours are all massively more expensive.  I’ve heard good things about Ingram Spark, for example, but they want $50 to “set up” a book that I’m providing all the files for, then I have to pay for copies on top of that.  So … uh … no?  I think maybe no.

The original idea behind doing this was to make it something special for Patreon and folks at cons.  I suppose the worst case scenario is that I have a new book out for everyone, but that’s not what I wanted to do.  I’m sure there’s a way to get PoD copies that isn’t going to break my bank, but I haven’t found it yet.  Stay tuned.

And go hit me up on Patreon, dammit.  You’ll like this book.

CLICK: Tomorrow!

Click ebook cover

My new book, CLICK, goes live on Patreon tomorrow.  Anyone who is a Patron at any level when the book goes live, $1.00 and up per month, will receive a .mobi, an .epub and a .pdf by the end of the day tomorrow.  Anyone subscribing at the $15.00 monthly or higher tiers will receive a print copy once those are available in a couple of weeks.

You know you want in on this.  Click here– no pun intended– to become a Patron and get CLICK.

Announcing CLICK.

Click ebook cover

Guess what?  I’ve got another book out.  Next week, in fact!  Probably the last day of September!  What’s it about?  Well, I don’t have all the promo copy written for it just yet, so let’s nutshell: it is a refreshed, updated, reedited and rewritten version of my literal first book ever, and it is my take on both portal fantasy and urban fantasy.  Sound good?  Cool.  I’ll post the official back cover copy when I’m done with it.  It’s a new universe featuring characters you’ve never seen before.  It’s my wife’s favorite of my books.  If that’s not a recommendation I don’t know what could be.  Michelle Wern did the cover, and I honest-to-God peed a little when I saw it.

How do you get it?  See that little bit of text at the bottom there?

Click is only available two ways:  the first is via supporting me on Patreon.  On the day the book launches, I’m going to create a new $2 tier, and anyone at $2 or over from then on out automatically gets an ebook copy.  Anyone who signs up before then gets it regardless of the amount of the pledge.

There will be a print copy as well.  The second way to get this book is to buy it from me at a convention, where I will have copies available.  I’m crossing my fingers that the print edition will be ready by Kokomo-Con this year.  The files will be done well in advance, but sometimes CreateSpace is super slow about printing things.  I think the couple of weeks I’m going to give them will be enough.  If not, it’ll be available after that.  You can also get a print copy through Patreon by supporting at (right now) $15 or up, but I might alter that once I see what the print costs are going to be.

This book will not be appearing on Amazon, or at least it won’t be appearing on Amazon until and unless I give up on the Patreon idea altogether, which right now I have no plans to do.  It is only a reward for Patreon supporters or people who see me at cons.  I’ve been kind of casting about for something exciting to offer over there; I hope y’all are as excited for this as I am.  Just a few more days!