Let’s see

SATURDAY: Wake up, go visit wife’s family, a number of whom are in town for the day.  Go from there directly to the high school graduation of the first group of fifth graders I had in South Bend, wearing the same clothes I wore at their 8th grade graduation, a fact that entertains only me as there is no chance any of them will notice.  Go from there directly to OtherJob.  Proceed to have one of the busiest nights of the year.  Don’t get home until after midnight.

SUNDAY: Wake up early.  Go to brother’s, who is liquidating his home in preparation to move to Illinois  and live with his fiancée.  Spend three hours moving furniture, including an antique oak armoire and three old-ass tube televisions that weigh so much that I can’t believe TV was ever even a thing before flat-screen TVs.  Go home.  I don’t remember the rest of Sunday; it involved a nap and a lot of moaning.

12:30 AM SUNDAY NIGHT: I am jolted out of a sound sleep by what sounds like glass breaking.  I stagger around my bedroom with a baseball bat for a moment, thinking rather unreasonably that someone has thrown a brick through our bedroom window.  It turns out that the cat has jumped up to a shelf of photographs and knocked the shelf over.  Not the pictures on the shelf.  The entire fucking shelf.  

I never really get back to sleep.

MONDAY: There are three days of school left, and I have ordered tens of thousands of dollars of supplies for next year.  I arrive to 25 large, heavy boxes that need to be opened, unpacked, checked in and sorted.  Miraculously, no one bothers me all day and I spend the day doing this, including taking care of the extra boxes that arrived today.  I send repeated emails to teachers saying things like “I know I emailed you earlier that you had stuff and you should come get it.  This is not a reminder.  This means that you have more stuff and now you should come get that.”

I don’t speak to students all day.  No one even asks me to.  There have been two days so far this year where I have felt like the invisible man in the office, and I’m not complaining about that– I need to figure out how I tapped into that power so I can use it more often.

There are two days of school left.  8th grade graduation is tomorrow and after that they go away and aren’t supposed to come back.  This ought to lead to an easier day than usual with 25% of the students occupied during the morning and gone after that but who the hell knows; after how easy today was I’m not making any predictions.

It is hot.  I want fall back.

The end.  Have a music video.