My Current Dilemma, in bullet point form

  • job-huntI do not want to teach any longer.
  • However, I want to be employed more than I want to not-teach.
  • However, if I have to teach, I would prefer to be outside my current district.
  • However, I tried this last summer and it didn’t exactly work out, and I think people can smell burnout on me regardless of how hard I try to conceal it.
  • However, I’m fully expecting my entire district to go bankrupt next year, and it’s probably better to take a salary hit now then have my paychecks start bouncing in April.
  • However, that might not happen.
  • However, it’s entirely possible that it won’t matter because I’ll have killed myself/others by the time April rolls around anyway.

It seems, given those facts, that I might look at jobs outside of education!

  • I am good at many things.
  • However, few of those things will be immediately apparent on a résumé, and “trust me, I can handle this” is hardly a winning schpiel at a job interview.
  • However, letters of recommendation are good!
  • However, I don’t especially relish the idea of telling my boss I’m going to do my best to bail on him this summer.
  • However, he’s not an idiot and he knows full well that it’s time for the rats to desert the ship, and he’s likely looking for a job himself.
  • However, every time I look for other jobs, I’m reminded that I don’t really have any sort of concrete idea of what else I might do, and jobs that my current skill-set clearly qualifies me for frequently don’t meet salary needs.
  • However, see above regarding salary needs, because again, making $IOU in April is a distinct possibility this year.
  • The word however is getting old, so we’ll point out here that I actually don’t know what the hell people do to find jobs nowadays.  Finding teaching jobs is pretty specific and simple, but when you’re in the situation I’m in (“I want at least $45K a year so that I can keep paying my bills, and don’t much care what I’m doing so long as it’s not teaching or illegal”) the actual search process can be kinda difficult.
  • LinkedIn appears to be useless, and their dedicated job search app worse than useless.  I searched for nonprofit jobs yesterday and received several screens of jobs at Taco Bell.  A search for education jobs suggested that I apply for a job as a surgeon for the Army Reserve.
  • You may recall that a manager at Taco Bell makes considerably more than South Bend will pay a teacher.

I really loathe the adage “Those who can’t do, teach.”  I can do.  What I’m not sure about is convincing people to hire me for jobs that I’m not immediately and obviously going to be a good fit for.  I have to get my foot in the door, and I just don’t know that my résumé is going to do that– and that’s after the important “what the hell am I even applying for?” step happens.


Buy some fuggin’ books.  Once I’m independently wealthy I ain’t gotta worry about this nonsense no mo’.  🙂

10 thoughts on “My Current Dilemma, in bullet point form

  1. If I ever get into a position where I GET TO HIRE people, and someone says to me “trust me, I can handle this” she or he’s got a job! Job hunting sucks. You never say what they wanna hear and they never hear what you wanna say. It’s stupid. Just give me the job I applied for and you won’t regret it because I can handle this.

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  2. I’ve been in that situation for the last 2 years, and keep finding myself in other teaching jobs that suck worse than the one before it. I’ve decided I’m going to sub and possibly tutor privately while I go back to school. If you find an alternative, let me know because, yeah teaching sucks nowadays!


  3. ok…I ain’t sure if you’re really a burned out teacher and incredibly good spoof writer…if burned out than a smaller town/school may solve some problems…then, of course, you might consider a different age group…if a spoof consider the Netflix hit, “breaking bad”…who knows maybe the life of a tv star might just suit you…


  4. I am right there with you.
    I have been trying to break out and still not giving up.

    First, hang in there. Worst case the mantra, well at least for now.

    Second, you already have skills it is about putting them in words corporate understands. I have done my own fuzzy math and when you think of the hours out in during the year, how long we recover over the summer, whatever. You might as well join the corporate world and maybe get pay commiserate with your education.
    So I have been trying instructional design. It is corporate training. The problem is my asking pay is a smidgen higher than yours but for what you are looking for I have found entry at what your asking is. They are often wanting to see that you have some technology background. Emphasize your photoshop, Power Point. Other buzz words are large and small group learning. They talk about ADDIE, which is like the teaching learning cycle with other words. Bottom line, you could do it. And they also talk about two Adobe learning programs Captivate and Articulate. I took a brief course at the University of Phoenix (my district got a sweet discount so I figured why not use it) but honestly you could get the same lessons on YouTube but the instructor was way awesome and it was a help and an official add to resume thing.

    They love labels, and proof of classes. But if you have the summer, tweak it, learn it, it may be worthwhile. Instructional Design is a part of Human Resources just if you need department. Again the more tech the better. was the best job engine so far. LinkedIn is good but really just make sure your resume matches it as some companies check it out. Also watch your Facebook and Google Plus profiles just in case. Make sure all is well all and it could not hurt to try. A steady schedule may even help more with the writing. That is what I figured out about myself. There is also Project Management.

    Best of luck either way. I really feel ya on this one. My mantra is to never give up, hut at the same time life has a funny way of guiding us and working out. Could not hurt to try.

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  5. I’m also a teacher and have considered leaving, but I look around me at how people in the private sector are also getting screwed. The grass does not look greener in other district or other professions. I’m left looking for the grass that isn’t as bald as where I’m standing.

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  6. I second the recommendation. I set up a few keyword searches in my area to be delivered to my email every day.

    When I moved, it wasn’t high school teacher hiring season, so I looked instead for college positions: academic advisor, college and career counselor, even admissions. There were plenty to be had – I just had to frame my skills from teaching to each position in the cover letter to get an interview. Now I do professional training – in that interview, I convinced my now-bosses that what they really wanted was someone who could teach and design a curriculum, as opposed to someone who had been doing the thing I teach for 30 years (no guarantee they can actually do design and knowledge-transfer. In other words, no guarantee that those who can do can teach. ) They agreed!

    Anyhow. Do some keyword searches on things that thrill you and see where that leads?

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      1. Ha ha ha – yeah, it’s very Early Google. They must have spent all their programmer budget on back-end engineering, leaving no money for front-end design, because it does seem to work quite fine.


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