Something is happening!

I am told that this will eventually be a pair of owls; I don’t really know what I’m going to do with a pair of owls but at least the printer hasn’t burst into flames or fallen off its table or anything like that yet. It is currently 14% finished with the owl printing and has been printing owls for probably forty minutes if I leave out the time it took for everything to heat up. It’s a bit louder than I wanted it to be without being super annoying; that said, it’s occurred to me that trying to do game recording with this thing running could potentially be an issue.

Speaking of the channel: I’m now something like 10 days into the hiatus that was started by catching Covid, and I’m thinking regular programming will resume this weekend. I’ve had absolutely no brain space left for anything lately other than getting through the end of the school year alive, and now that I’ve mostly managed that– the 8th grade recognition ceremony was today, so those kids are gone-gone, and everybody else’s last day is tomorrow– I think I can redirect my attention to, y’know, important stuff.

Fifty-eight minutes including heating, so probably 50 minutes of printing, and we’re at 20%. I can see owl feet now! S’cool.

I have more to tell you, but again: brain space, and May is somehow not fucking done with us yet, so more regular programming around here will be resuming soon enough too. I’m so close to summer break I can taste it. A day and a half more. I can do this.

So this is happening

My son, who clearly does not realize what he has gotten himself into, has to do a report on a Famous Person from Indiana, and has somehow chosen Axl Rose, born in Lafayette in 1962. The ensuing discussion among my wife and I about what GnR song is their most iconic led to my brother suggesting that I get an immediate divorce. While I suspect I’m probably not going that route– I would be homeless in a month without my wife– her opinions on GnR are Wrong. My son, at one point during the conversation, looked at us and, I swear to you, quietly mumbled “What have I started?” to himself.

The correct answer is Sweet Child O’ Mine, by the way.

I think what’s probably going to happen is I’m going to write a 75-page pamphlet on GnR and give it to him, and he can edit it down to three pages or a hundred words or whatever passes for hard work in fourth grade nowadays.

I don’t have to go in to work tomorrow, as I have a training thing in the morning, which means that I’ll actually have my afternoon to myself. I’m going to take the rest of the night off after I finish this brief post and curl up with a book; I started John Scalzi’s The Kaiju Preservation Society last night and it’s going to demand my full attention until I finish it, I think.

Some good news, for once

The Indiana state Senate, in a rare moment of sanity, has defanged the grotesque HB 1134, removing the vast majority of what made it so offensive, including the requirement that teachers post daily lesson plans for the entire year by either June 30 or August 1 of each year, depending on which version of the bill you were looking at. It appears to have been watered down to a vague suggestion that school districts create curriculum advisory committees that parents can be on, which I’d be willing to bet most of them already have, and which one way or another is not an especially onerous change. I did enjoy this bit from the article, however:

Dawn Lang, a Fishers mom of three kids, said she likes the part of the bill that will provide her access to her school’s learning management system. She said parents are frustrated and want more transparency in their children’s education. 

Dawn Lang lives in Fishers, which is a wealthy suburb of Indianapolis, and I absolutely one hundred percent guarantee you that she already has full access to her school’s LMS. Every LMS I’ve ever seen allows parental access. My kids’ parents can see every assignment and can see their kids’ attendance and grades in real-time, and can even set things up to get alerts when I update grades. And this isn’t exactly new technology; it’s been available in my district for easily half a decade if not longer than that. She has the access; she’s either too dumb to be able to use it, in which case the law isn’t going to help her, or she’s lying, in which case the law is written specifically for people like her.

What does this mean for me? Good question! This law was going to guarantee that I wasn’t going to return to teaching next year, and while it’s always possible that some sort of fuckery will take place (the House assumes no one’s watching, restores the old language, and bounces it back to the Senate during the reconciliation process, the Senate passes the original, fucked bill, and Holcomb signs it) I don’t know that I think it’s especially likely. This year’s legislative Armageddon at least appears to be, against all expectations, dead. Will there be more fuckery next year? Yep. Sure will, and this bill wasn’t the only reason I want to leave; recall that my administrators have been fired as well, for example, and, oh, every single other thing about this year. But it means that there’s not a “have to quit by” date attached to my current career, and that I can at least take some time and see if there are other school-related jobs that I might want next year. It’s gone from an impending crisis to something that is still very much a big deal but no longer runs any risk of actual unemployment. I’ll take it.

In other news, we did have school today, although literally all but one of the other school districts within shouting distance were closed. And, honestly, as it turns out, it was a touch on the risky side but I think it was the right call. My drive home was kinda dodgy, but you can’t live through too many Indiana winters without learning how to handle “kinda dodgy,” and as the middle schools are the last to dismiss in my district, I have to assume the high schools and primary centers were able to get everybody home without any particular drama. Hell, attendance was even pretty good today, and most of the day was, unbelievably, calm. Again, I’ll take it.

In which I’m fine, God, leave me alone

So it turns out that one good way to have every single person in the building stop by your classroom to see if you’re okay is to say “fuck this” and leave work before advisory has even finished. Being out Wednesday and Thursday was already pre-ordained, but most of the building didn’t know that, and apparently as far as anyone knew I’d walked out and just not come back for a few days. I know that one of our seventh grade teachers took the entire week off explicitly as a mental health restorative and one of my other team members was forced into a panic attack on the same day I left, if you were wondering if it was just me.

The interesting thing? I don’t know if I actually mentioned this, but the Tuesday before last our principal and AP let the staff know that they’d been fired as of the end of the school year. Now, to be clear, if you’d read everything I’ve been saying about how work is going all year long, I wouldn’t cast aspersions upon you for at least considering the idea that a change in leadership might be necessary. I will provide this data point in their defense and then move on with the post: virtually no one left their jobs last summer. Our building was one of the only schools in the corporation and absolutely the only middle school that began the school year with no teaching vacancies. We had a couple of people who left for one reason or another but their jobs were filled quickly.

And from what I’ve been hearing over the last week and a half, I strongly suspect whoever replaces the current admin team is going to have to rehire at least 2/3 of the positions in the building. People who were already thinking about leaving, like me, have made their decisions. And everyone else is now at least thinking about it.

Anyway, as of about ten minutes ago I’ve now applied to 29 jobs since January 28. I’ve heard back from two; both “thanks, but no thanks” rejections. I applied to a couple today that actually seem pretty exciting. Hopefully soon I’ll start hearing back from somebody.

At any rate, it was a decent-to-good day. No referrals of any kind, which is always a plus, and one of my notables wasn’t in class and another had one of the best days he’s had in a long time, so I’ll take it. I’ve got a fair amount of grading to do this weekend, so hopefully I’m not going to have to send another email to all of my parents reminding them that all of their kids are still fucking failing. We’ll see what happens.

Next week: four days, since Friday is an e-learning inservice day for the teachers. The following week: four days, since Monday is Presidents’ Day. I think the week after that is a five-day week, but the week after that will be the last week of the quarter and therefore Friday will be a teacher record day. I’m gonna try and make it to the end of the semester without missing any more days, or at least without missing any days beyond taking a personal day when Elden Ring comes out. Again, we’ll see.

In which I’ve had enough, again

I walked out of work today.

Called the office, told them they needed to put someone in my classroom, and as soon as that person showed up, put my coat on, went down to the office, filled out the paperwork for a personal day, and left.

I’m not fired, and I haven’t quit, but my timeline for a new job has moved up from “sometime before August” to “by Spring Break if at all humanly possible,” because I can’t take this shit any longer. I’ve had enough of these ignorant-ass, rude-ass children and their fucknut unconcerned parents to last a lifetime and I don’t have any intention of giving them any more chances. Fuck it. Most of my kids have not a shred of interest in receiving any sort of education and the state of Indiana doesn’t want me teaching them anyway, so everybody’s going to get what they want, and good luck with whatever future that brings them. I’m out. I’m done. This is not my problem any longer.