In which I’ve wasted the weekend


Friday night I took an Emergency Brain Pill. I wasn’t necessarily having a mental health emergency or anything really close to it, but I basically use these pills when I can’t get my brain to shut off and let me sleep, and what with the God-tier sleep apnea I apparently also have, and having survived my first week in the new building, I figured I was owed a decent night’s sleep. The pill kicked my ass, rendering me a useless, sluggish mess all day Saturday and requiring a three-hour nap in the middle of the afternoon. Then today my son had his Lego Robotics competition, which somehow went from 8:15 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon, and by the end of it the boy was so bored he was in tears.

I have … some issues with how this competition was organized. Nothing I can really yell at anybody about, because there’s only one competition, and they didn’t place high enough to advance to the state-level competition in December, but from what I can tell most of the people involved are okay with that. Regardless, we got home around five and all of us died. I had grading planned for tonight, and fuck that. They can wait a little longer, they’ll be okay.

Sometime in the next couple of days I need to do a book review– the short version is that Nghi Vo’s The Chosen and the Beautiful is magnificent– and think out loud a bit about how grading needs to work in my new building. But this is all I’ve got for tonight, I think.

In which I lose a day

I woke up at 10 or so, which is a good hour and a half later than I normally sleep on Saturdays, and it was probably 4:00 before I felt human. Dad was going to come over for dinner and I had to push it back to tomorrow because I couldn’t motivate myself to shower, much less clean anything or, God forbid, cook.

Since then it’s been all sitting and staring. I managed to vacuum my office and our bedroom and that’s as close as I’ve gotten to accomplishing anything today. For most of it I felt like I’d taken too many sleeping pills last night. Actual number of sleeping pills taken last night: zero.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more human. I need to figure out what I’m doing with the last two in-person days of school (there will be no 8th grade students in the building on Monday or Tuesday, watch) and I suspect that will be more difficult than usual if my brain is leaking out of my ear.


I cleaned about half the house today, and in between vacuuming spent a pleasant hour out on the back porch enjoying the one (1) day of nice weather we’re going to get before Too Fucking Hot starts kicking in tomorrow. I will get the rest of it done tomorrow, along with finishing the week’s grading and driving over to my dad’s to give him a Covid haircut.

I also cooked breakfast, but I did that before the rest of the stuff. Turns out the boy likes omelets.

Tonight shall be spent finishing Season 5 of She-Ra, finishing my third playthrough of Nioh 2, and getting as far as I can into The Ten Thousand Doors of January before sleep.

Not a bad Saturday, as they go.

6:56 PM, Saturday May 23: 1,618,471 confirmed cases and 96,983 American deaths.

Sunday stupid Sunday

I’ve been pretty good this year about keeping on top of my grading, but the last couple of weeks I’ve fallen off the horse a bit. I worked through about five inches of assignments today but that’s probably only about a week’s worth; there’s still another week waiting for me, and I’m going to have to suck it up and get some grading done during the week this week.

In lieu of actual Sunday content, please view this entertaining video:


It is Saturday. I need to emphasize this– Saturday. And I am, in midafternoon, getting grading done. This is bloody unprecedented. It is Staying On Task to an unreal degree.

So naturally the God damn entire grading system has just gone down midway through me grading an assignment that a hundred students turned in, and it doesn’t appear to be interested in coming back up.

For fuck’s sake, universe.