ANNOUNCEMENT: A thing I might mention again soon


We’ll be celebrating the end of the school year by putting both of my novels on sale for a few days, assuming I’m still alive and not in jail at that time.  Starting at 3:00 PM (roughly; Amazon’s not terribly diligent about punctuality on these matters) on Wednesday, June 10th, which should be right about the time my kids are leaving, and running through midnight Saturday night, we’re doing a Kindle Countdown Deal on both SKYLIGHTS and THE SANCTUM OF THE SPHERE.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 22.14.14Long story short: both books will be ninety-nine of your Americapennies basically all afternoon and evening Wednesday.  They’ll go up a dollar roughly every twenty hours after that until the sale ends.  More details to follow, but I thought I’d go ahead and announce it now.

BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES, VOL. 1 remains 99 cents permanently at Amazon, or free at or Smashwords.

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  1. I have purchased Skylights and The Sanctum of the Sphere, on the assumption that I will enjoy The Benevolence Archives, which I had previously purchased but have not yet read. Don’t let me down. stare

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