In which I think not

Missing a day once in a while is no big deal, even if I don’t do it very often. But I refuse to be busy enough to miss two days in a row, even if the post for that second day is a ridiculous two-sentence half-assed excuse for a blog post.

This one is three sentences.

wait shit

I almost forgot about you today. We had kind of unexpected visitors and then I spent a couple of hours trying to beat a boss in Elden Ring and I’m still kind of sick (no Covid; I tested again today) and well that was my Sunday. And now I’m going to bed so that’s as exciting as I get today.

Also, fuck Daylight Saving Time. I hate you, and so does everyone else, and it’s ludicrous that something that absolutely no one wants is still having to be endured by all of us twice a year. This is stupid and it should be repealed or banned or cast into the pits of Hell or whatever you do with stupid pointless cultural practices that exist for no fucking reason.

Tonight’s blog post…

is brought to you by Holy Shit How is it 9:00 and I Haven’t Slept in Two Days; so please, God, let me make it through the night with no sleep sweats, no 3:00 am headaches, and no fucking stress dreams involving having to work at my current school and my administrative job from like seven years ago at the same time.


A weird feeling

Simultaneously, I feel like I got nothing done today and a whole lot done. We had a snow day because it was 20 below outside this morning, and I got a bunch of grading and work stuff done, but at the same time… bleah.

Had plans for the blog tonight, too. Maybe tomorrow.

Taking tonight off

I find myself, rather uncharacteristically, not in the mood right now for my usual cavalcade of end-of-year posts. I will definitely still do the best books of the year, and I may well wake up tomorrow in a different mood, but for right now I just want to relax tonight and not think too much.

More renovation pictures tomorrow, as the painting should be done and possibly some tile laid as well.