Advice requested

Ironically, I just snarked on Twitter about an article on how millennials are shit at DYI. Nonetheless:

I’m putting the new pool ladder together. Anybody have a better idea than needle-nose pliers on how to tighten those nuts? The bolt is smooth on the outside so I can’t go at it from there and no wrench on Earth will fit inside the plastic.

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5 thoughts on “Advice requested

    1. (Googles)

      That is exactly what I want! And I don’t have one, and the hardware store is closed. Oh well– I can get it tomorrow and do a once-over on everything I can reach before I put it in the pool. Thanks!

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      1. Another friend on Facebook suggested a socket wrench, which I’m mildly annoyed I didn’t think of on my own, but the angles won’t be great, so the nut driver is still probably a better idea.


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