Advice requested

Ironically, I just snarked on Twitter about an article on how millennials are shit at DYI. Nonetheless:

I’m putting the new pool ladder together. Anybody have a better idea than needle-nose pliers on how to tighten those nuts? The bolt is smooth on the outside so I can’t go at it from there and no wrench on Earth will fit inside the plastic.

In which I watch things

I had all sorts of plans for this morning; “spend over an hour watching a guy build a clock by hand on YouTube” was not part of those plans, and now the terribly fascinating and erudite blog post I had in mind is lost to the winds.

So here.  You need to see all of this too. Have the first three videos.  SPOILER ALERT:  There are fifteen videos here, and the damn clock’s not done yet.  Try not to let that fact ruin your life like it did mine.

(If you only watch one, or you THINK you’re only going to watch one, start with #3. Watching someone make screws by hand is fascinating.)

In which I do something right the first time

photoWas planning on heading into school today again, but last night we finally got sick of the carpet in the hallway and ripped the shit out.  When we first bought the place a friend who lives down the street came over and commented that she’d had the same carpet in her place when they moved in and we were going to hate it.  Man, she couldn’t have been more right.  I’m generally a fan of carpet over hardwood (and this hallway, which bends off to the left at the top of the picture, will eventually have two runners in it) but this shit looked muddy and disgusting within just a couple of weeks of us moving in.  And this isn’t even one of the dog zones in the house; they don’t spend a lot of time in this part of the house and we’re generally not wearing shoes when walking through this hallway either.  But the carpet looked filthy nonetheless.

There was already hardwood in my office and the boy’s room; our room is carpeted, but with a different kind of carpet than what was in the living room and hallway (and, for that matter the dining room) and it’s in much better shape, so we’re going to keep it.  We pulled up the carpet and the padding last night and I spent about an hour and a half this morning ripping tack strips out from by the walls; a bit of consultation with the Internet and Facebook sent me off to buy a couple of prybars this morning that worked wonderfully.  We just need to buy and install a few guards for where the hardwood meets the carpet in the bedroom, the tile in the entryway, and the linoleum in the bathroom.  I was worried that the hardwood was going to be all stained and nasty, but other than a little bit along the wall (look to the left of the vacuum cleaner) that I’m hoping will come up, it looks as good as the flooring in the bedrooms.  Not bad for an hour and a half of work.

Getting some control over the ten thousand different kinds of flooring in this house is becoming more and more necessary.  🙂