In which I don’t know the rules

How long do you have to feed the local stray before it’s your cat?

What are these?

Current best guess is wind turbine blades, but hell if I know. I took this yesterday.

Advice requested

Ironically, I just snarked on Twitter about an article on how millennials are shit at DYI. Nonetheless:

I’m putting the new pool ladder together. Anybody have a better idea than needle-nose pliers on how to tighten those nuts? The bolt is smooth on the outside so I can’t go at it from there and no wrench on Earth will fit inside the plastic.

Writing question for y’all

WordPress should have some sort of built-in poll functionality.

Feel free to reply here or on Twitter and expand on any thoughts you might have.

Quick question for the readers

I have not seen The King and I in many years, and I have fond memories of it– not quite at the point where I really have anything memorized, mind you, but I think about it more often than I think about a lot of things. At any rate, I have a puzzlement for y’all.

Those of you who are readers, and especially those of you who enjoy speculative fiction of some stripe or another: how good are you at ignoring bad and/or problematic aspects of a work and concentrating on the bits that you like? This may sound a bit more serious than I want it to; I’m not necessarily talking about anything like, oh, the racist and sexist elements of The King and I that will likely get on my nerves much more now than they did when I last watched it, probably two decades ago now, but more like a book with propulsive writing, interesting characters, and a plot that makes no Goddamn sense at all. Or, say, a science fiction novel that gets a lot of basic science stuff wrong, but not in a handwaves-it-away sort of sense, just gets it wrong. This is probably going to be something that’s going to be hard to answer in a general sense, but is there something (poor characterization, for example) that you’re generally able to put aside, or is there something that will always throw you out of a book that you’re reading even if you’re otherwise enjoying it without the troublesome part?

I will provide more context if I decide that the book I’m reading right now deserves a full review, but for right now I’m just curious.

(Snow day, again, today. We had an ice storm last night, and I woke up to a two-hour delay that became a full cancel just as I was getting ready to leave to take the boy to school. He had school. I did not. Video games and comic books all day for the win.)