Oh what fresh hell is this

qwertee_whatever_1519078342-fullEvery time WordPress decides we need a new editor I spend some time wanting to murder things.  I’m not sure who exactly was clamoring for being able to start blog posts with drop caps, but what the hell, I’ll check them out.   Only everything is “blocks” now, and I seem to have somehow lost the ability to insert an “image” “block” into a “text” “block,” so I don’t really see how this shit helps me any.  I mean, hey, drop caps, though.

I’ve had nothing going on for the last couple of days.  I spent all day reading today, after finally finishing The Monster Baru Cormorant last night.  Which I still will need to reread at some point in the future.

Still can’t figure out how to put a picture into a block of text.  I mean, I can set wrap options on the picture, but I can’t move it.  Does that make sense?  No.  No it does not.

I can do a drop cap on every paragraph, though.

(It’s at this point where I realize that the new editor, which is going to “level up my layout,” really doesn’t seem to have an option to do images inline with text, lose all will to live, and switch back to the old editor.  Just once, just once, motherfuckers, I’d like you to roll out a new feature that works when you roll it out.  I don’t have the patience for incompetent dumbfuckery right now.  I just don’t.)

(Also, I want to point out that when I switched back to the “classic” editor, the one that, to me, is still not up to snuff with the editor before it, it got rid of one of those drop caps for no clear reason, but kept the other.  Fuuuuuck this.)

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9 thoughts on “Oh what fresh hell is this

  1. My rage at “Gutenberg” has subsided, although the entire concept of using blocks to create a blog post is the prime example of some UX designer out there over-thinking a “fresh take” on blogging. I use the “Classic Editor” block to give me the toolbar and simplistic formatting I’m used to, and which very much did not need to change.

    Dear overzealous UX designer(s) at WordPress: if I have to resort to a content block that mimics the original editor, why have the new editor at all?

    Sorry, I’m really not trying to hi-jack your post. I just roll my eyes every time I start a new post and see the new layout.

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      1. I think you can if you use the classic editor block and “Insert Media” from that toolbar, but I haven’t actually tested that. There is also a “Media and Text” block you can use, which probably does the same thing.

        One brilliant aspect of this “cleaner” blogging experience is that they don’t actually show you all of the blocks available to you in the main drop-down. You have to search for them to find something specific…


  2. I’m reading this in the WP Reader so I can’t even appreciate your drop caps 😦 I’ll go look at them on your actual site.
    I find the new editor annoying because I like to do outlines of my posts before writing, and all the blocks mess with the way my brain organizes. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, it just makes me feel old 😉


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