So two days ago I wrote a blog post and forgot to hit “post,” thus ruining a consistent streak that had lasted for about 2/3 of a year.

Today, it’s 8:43, and I find that I haven’t spent a single second thinking about blogging all day.

In my defense it is Labor Day weekend and I am not supposed to be doing the thinkystuff.

I will write a real blog post tomorrow, with paragraphs and everything, I promise.


I don’t actually think that having posted 269 days in a row on this site without interruption is much in the way of achievements, but I must admit that having that streak interrupted because I wrote an “I am too tired to post” post and then forgot to hit publish and didn’t notice until the next day is kind of annoying.

Ah well. We begin again, I suppose.

Haha wait crap no

I had this whole post planned that depended on a certain object arriving at my house today. That certain object did not arrive at my house, and as a result I managed to just … forget that because my previously planned post wasn’t going to work, I needed to come up with a whole new idea for something to post about.

Not my smartest move, in other words.

I don’t have much to report, honestly. I think Andrew Cuomo needs to resign, but that’s probably not surprising and also not super interesting, honestly. He’ll hang on for a little while longer, I imagine, but I suspect his remaining time as governor is best measured in days and not weeks. We’ll see, though, I suppose. I spent some time in my classroom again, and I finally have my bell schedule for next year, which is not the same as my class schedule, which I’ve known for a while. (The difference: I knew I had class basically from Advisory to 6th hour and then 7th and 8th are my preps. Today I discovered that that schedule means class from 9:30 to 12:56, then lunch, then class from 1:34 to 3:00. That’s a little later than I like my lunch to be, but I’ll be having breakfast every day, I think, so I’m not going to worry about it until I have to.

Tomorrow is one of several Last Days of Summer Vacation, as I think I’m probably not going to go into my classroom, which means it’ll be the last day that I get to spend at home all day playing Dark Souls II doing prep work and lesson planning.

At any rate, that’s what I’ve got. How was your Tuesday?

On the current state of my social media

I don’t know how necessary this post really is, but it’s been knocking around in my head for a week or two now and I haven’t written it yet, so screw it, let’s go. Here’s where I am across the Web and how those accounts are doing:

  • The blog, infinitefreetime.com itself. I’ve been here almost ten years and I’m going nowhere. Traffic is way down from last year but still getting about 100 hits a day. WordPress also tells me it sends out about 10,000 emails every time I post, but I don’t know if it actually counts if those people read the post in their browsers (I kinda doubt it) and I don’t know how many of those accounts are actually alive; I feel like that should turn into way more than 100 hits per day if they’re real. I will keep yammering into this space until the internet itself shuts down.
  • Twitter, @nfinitefreetime. 10,597 followers, a number that drops by a few every day for no clear reason but who appear to be actual live accounts. Twitter has all sorts of problems but I love it, and it provides an outlet for Politics Luther, which keeps him away from the blog most of the time and (much more importantly) keeps him from ranting at my wife all the Goddamned time. All of my old tricks for gaining followers stopped working right after I hit 10K on this account and nothing I’ve been able to do since then (and that was a couple of years ago now) has really moved the needle much.
  • TikTok, @lutherteachesmath. As of this exact second, 7,744 followers, a number that continues to creep upward slowly despite the fact that I’m not posting too often. I keep almost killing this account, because I don’t trust TikTok as an entity at all– I’ve known too many creators who had their accounts suddenly permabanned for no fucking reason at all to be willing to think of this site as anything more than a flash in the pan that’ll be gone in a few years. This is, for those of you who care about such things, the first time I’ve linked to my TikTok from the blog since I took my real name out of it. I figure the issue isn’t people going from here to there isn’t an issue; what I don’t want is people going from there to here, which is why the word “Siler” appears nowhere on the TikTok.
  • Goodreads, right here. I have 722 “friends” and 110 “followers” on the site, but to be honest I really don’t use Goodreads as a social media site at all; I use it as an online database to keep track of my various reading projects. I approve every friend request I’m sent and don’t interact with other people there at all unless I know them from somewhere else. That said, if you want to see what I’m reading and the other half-dozen ways I have available to do it don’t work for you, I’m probably not going anywhere anytime soon from here either.
  • YouTube, lutherplaysgames.com. Currently 22 subscribers and also currently absorbing more of my mental energy than any other site I use. I am going to have to dial back how often I’m posting once school starts but I’m having a hell of a lot of fun with it right now. I know I’ve been yammering about it a lot lately but you really should come say hello.
  • Patreon, right here. Currently sixteen very patient Patrons; this site is all but defunct and I haven’t charged my Patrons in forever. I should probably just shut it down but I feel like everyone who is still supporting me deserves a free book if I ever write another one (Click doesn’t count, because that’s a reward for the $2 level and everyone got one when I made it available anyway) and I’m just trying to remember to cancel billing every month until that actually happens.

I have permanently shut down my Facebook account and haven’t missed it, and along with that I also shut down my Instagram account, which I admit I do kind of miss. If anybody wants to recommend a photo-posting site other than Insta or Snapchat, feel free, especially anything Facebook doesn’t own. I’m pretty sure I haven’t missed anything I currently have an account on, or at least anything I’m paying attention to. Any fun communities out there I should be a part of? Go follow me on everything that exists!


Man, guys, WordPress really wants me to know about that 200th post.