In which my kid is weird as hell

1379633287_5Netflix recently made Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest available for streaming, and it has quickly become the show du jour around here.

I’m going to compress the plot into a couple sentences, because it’s not like it will make more sense if I go into more detail: there is a haunted, or maybe a ghost, scarecrow.  He lacks a head (that’s him in the background there) and he is therefore known as No-Noggin.

No-Noggin dislikes hats.

If you walk past No-Noggin’s tree on Halloween (because No-Noggin’s not there, or you can’t see him, or something) and you are wearing a hat, he will kick your hat off.  And then steal it.

My son has insisted on us putting a scarecrow in the front yard, and his favorite game now is to go outside and stand under the tree next to where we put the scarecrow.  My wife and I are supposed to walk past him, at which point he kicks our hats off.  Note that we have never actually been wearing hats when we do this, and I don’t know what he would actually do if I was wearing a hat while he was being No-Noggin and kicking hats.

He has been able to turn every conversation into a talk about kicking hats, and whether one should kick hats, and whether one is kicking hats or not, for at least a week.  Today at day care, when I picked him up, I was told that he’d hit another kid.  I’m pretty sure that what he actually did was kicked him.

He wants to be No-Noggin for Halloween, which means the wife and I get to find a way to jury-rig a costume.

Th’boy’s too young for cosplay, methinks.


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21 thoughts on “In which my kid is weird as hell

  1. 1) This is exactly the thing I would have done when I was a little kidlet.
    2) This is exactly the thing I would do any given day of the week as a non-kidlet.
    3) Too young for cosplay? Is there such a thing? Then again, I was an Ewok my first Halloween…

    In conclusion, I think your kid is just fine. 😛


  2. When my 25 year old nephew was very young, before kindergarten I think, he decided he wanted to be a cat so he took a sharpie and drew whiskers on his face, claws on his hands and went outside, dropped his drawers and squatted in the backyard to take a pee like he had seen his cat do. He grew up fine. A little eccentric, but fine.


  3. Make a hat rig out of papier mache or plaster and fabric that fits his head and has “wings” that extend over the shoulders and then back down to rest on his real shoulders. Dress him up in your clothes and make sure he can see through the chest.

    And my kids found No-Noggin on Netflix too. Unfortunately, Daniel wants to be Batman from Batman Beyond – a costume that’s a touch more complicated than No-Noggin since they don’t sell it in kid sizes.

    And he wants a real utility belt with batarangs.


  4. This explains why I was hearing about No-Noggin all weekend and why my 6 year old socked a kid on the bus today and henceforth will be a car rider at my insistence. I should have indulged him when he begged me to help him make a scarecrow for the front yard. Thanks for the insight!


  5. A feature request Netflix. Give me the power to eliminate shows I don’t want to watch from my child’s viewing choices. He is already happy with “Looks like they took it down,” now all I need is for you to let me take it down. Please. Now, please. Now.

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  6. Uh, your kid is weird, and AWESOME. Some of the best people weird. Also, he’s never too young for cosplay, unless you are forcing him into cosplay. And Halloween should be called National Cosplay Day, because people dress up a characters they like. Just so long as he’s not kicking people’s hats–or heads–off, I think its okay. Have fun with the No-Noggin costume!


  7. That’s awesome. I have weird kids too. My 10yo dressed up as Coraline Jones when she was 4, wanted to learn to fly, for real and demanded a TARDIS cake for her 8th birthday.


  8. My five year loves no-noggin and too want to be him for Halloween. I still haven’t figured out what I am going to create this costume. Ugh!!!!


  9. My 2 year old son loves No Noggin! Did you figure out how to make the costume? If anything I will have to get him the George costume as a runner up.


    1. We ended up with an oversize yellow shirt, a red tie, a straw hat, and adding a bunch more straw around the wrists and neck to scarecrow-ify him. He was three, it was enough. 🙂


  10. Haha! The last few nights my son who just turned 3 kept saying he wants me to be “noggin” but I couldn’t figure it out! I asked him who that was and he kept saying “noggin kicks hats off peoples heads!” It was driving me nuts until I googled “noggin kicking hats” hahah!!

    He told me he wants me to be him
    And he wants to be me for Halloween
    And his father a ghost and his 9 month old brother no noggin 😂😂

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  11. Hilarious! I found your post because I’m in the exact same boat with my weird kid. He’s obsessed with George’s Halloween Boo Fest and has been asking to be No Noggin’ for Halloween. Do you have any pictures to share? I’d love to see how it came out. I’m amazed I didn’t turn up empty handed when I Googled “No Noggin’ Costume.” Day made.


  12. my son is begging to be no noggin for halloween too! hes also three and im trying so hard to figure out how to make the costume! can anyone help with some ideas?


  13. My 2 and half year old has been getting seriously frustrated with me. He keeps telling me he wants to watch curious george kicks hats. I had no idea which episode that was. Thank you for ending his torment and mine!


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