KOKOMO-CON 2018: The Cosplay

So tired.

Had a really good time.

But SO tired.

Have cosplay.

Hall of Heroes Con, Day 1

That … went well.  I have already paid for my booth and then some, so tomorrow is going to be all profit, and since tomorrow doesn’t feature a home Notre Dame game at 3:30 (at which point traffic conspicuously dried up) I have high hopes that it could be even better a day than today was.  That would be quite nice.

Also interesting: every con I’ve ever attended has had celebrity guests of some stripe or another, but other than Timothy Zahn coming to the booth next to me I’ve never really interacted with any of them.  Seth Gilliam, Katrina Law, Kevin Sussman and John Schneider all walked past my booth several times, and it’s possible that William Katt did a few times too but I don’t actually know who he is so I didn’t recognize him.

(Seth Gilliam, in particular, is a ghost.  The first couple of times he walked past I was the only one who realized who he was.  I almost called him over to the booth the first time, thinking he was just a regular con-goer, and only stopped myself at the last second.)

Not as many cosplay pictures as I usually take, mostly because the one real disadvantage of my booth is that it’s not in a great place to ask people to stop for a picture.  Every time I tried it led to a traffic jam, so I stopped doing it after a while.  That said: enjoy, and remember you can click on the pictures to get a larger version!


KOKOMO-CON: The Cosplay

I will be back at this con next year.  I had a blast, sold an entire box of books, and the cosplay was magnificent.  I’ll be annotating some of these tomorrow (a few of them won’t make a ton of sense out of context) but for now here’s the cosplayer pictures I took:

WELL OKAY ONE STORY: I use free Oreos at my booth as a way to catch people’s attention, right?  Toward the end of the con, the guy dressed as Negan waltzed over to me, looked me straight in the eye, and said “You have Oreos.  I’m taking half.”

And then he actually did it.

I laughed my ass off.  This may be my single favorite con moment so far.

Anyway, the pictures:

On Wonder Woman

I have no idea how widespread or old these pictures are, but: this, DC.xyt2zf5kabczkm8agxglwd5rwly4dyhe0lwcosln

#Halloween costume test, stage one


Here’s my plan for Halloween this year:  my son is insanely excited about the holiday, so I’m dressing up too, for the first time since, I think, 1999.  Halloween used to be my favorite holiday.  It has not been, for many years, but the boy’s enthusiasm has been infectious and there seems to finally be a backlash happening against the onslaught of obnoxious “sexy XXX” costumes that have been plaguing the holiday for the last too many years.

The idea is this:  Walk around with the boy and my wife a bit, and then stay outside my own house to pass out candy.  We have two large and excitable dogs, so past practice has been to keep the candy outside so that we don’t have lots of doorbell-ringing and door-opening and there’s no chance of one of the animals getting past us and getting someone hurt.  We generally have a bowl full of the traditional stuff and I buy a dozen or so actual candy bars for kids with exceptionally good costumes.

Things I still need:  black sweat pants (I’m sure I have a pair, I just need to find them), black shoes (don’t even need to find those), zipties.  You can’t see it, but the second set of chains-n-hooks is being worn as a belt– I’m going to ziptie them together so that I don’t have to try and tie plastic chains.  The first set is actually threaded through the sleeves of the outer robe so that they dangle by my hands, which I think is a pretty neat trick.

Unfortunately, I probably need a new mask, too.  While I like the idea of the mirror mask, and it’s suitably creepy, I’m actually still kind of having a panic attack from trying to breathe in the thing and while I’m planning to wear contact lenses while I’ve got it on, visibility is still a real problem.  Plus, if you look closely at the picture, you can still see big chunks of my neck and what I’ll try to pretend aren’t extra chins, and that’s not the look I’m going for.  I found a decent old man mask at Target that was basically mask for the upper half of the face and a lot of beard for the lower half, and I feel like that ought to do the job just as well, or I could always go with some sort of monster look.  There’s no way I make it two hours in the mirrored one, cool as it looks.