In which Amazon is still being assholes, and I try to read a book and fail

So Amazon’s still fucking with me.  I don’t really want to generate another 6000-word post right now but the latest is that they’ve pushed back the delivery to Friday the 23rd– another two entire weeks— and that 1) their Twitter help team promised me a phone call within 24 hours that never happened, then 2) I got back on online help and actually got someone who seemed to know what KDP was who promised I’d get a different response within 24 hours, and then two days later I got a response that was in such broken English that I can barely comprehend it that basically boiled down to “it says they’re getting delivered the 23rd, what’s the problem?”

None of these fuckers know what KDP is.  It’s their service.  They are literally the people printing the books.  There’s no way it takes this long.  And most of the time the people I’m corresponding with don’t even seem to know what the service is.  Clearly I need to move my entire production over to Ingram Spark, because I can’t have this happen again.  Redoing all the files is going to take a lot of time and cost an obnoxious amount of money so I’m not looking forward to it.  Hell, at this point I don’t even know who to gripe to at Amazon.  I need a motherfucker who lives in America, speaks English, and knows what the hell KDP is to get my shit moving, and hell if I know how to get ahold of that person right now.

91mF49yIKmLYou ever feel like you’re being unfair to a book because of your timing while reading it?  I loved The Traitor Baru Cormorant, ordered its sequel on the day it came out, and started reading it almost immediately, only to hit a massive goddamn wall when I realized that 1) I didn’t remember the first book all that well, what with having read it three years and probably 280 books ago; and 2) I just have not had the brain space for the last couple of weeks to read something with the complexity of a Seth Dickinson book.

So I’m like 100 pages from the end of Monster, and I can barely tell you what it’s been about, and I should have just put it back on the shelf a week and a half ago until I had the time and the headspace to reread the first book and then go straight into this one.  It’s not a bad book, but it’s going to prove unreviewable because I can’t trust my own impressions of it.  Trying to read this thing the same month as the election has just completely undone me.  I’ll probably finish it this weekend and four-star it just for the hell of it, and I need to reread it cover-to-cover before the (I assume) next book in the series comes out.  And then I need to spend some time reading, I dunno, picture books until I get my brainmeats back.  Because right now, I’m not reading this book.  I’m just looking at the words.  It’s a shame.


Someone has decided I’m done blogging for the night, so … yeah.  Have a good evening.

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  1. I have learned I actually don’t have the money to move my books to a different service so…. I guess I’m screwed. Hahahaha WONDERFUL.

    I’m really sorry you’re dealing with all this 😦


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