#AtoZChallenge, Day 26: Zaumg

ZZaumg started off as a joke on Twitter while I was flailing about trying to come up with a proper title for The Sanctum of the Sphere.  I wanted something that sounded like a Star Wars/Indiana Jones/ adventure serial type of subtitle, and specifically was trying to think of something alliterative.  When I referenced The Temple of Doom as a template I was working from, some jackass (and I say that with love) suggested The Ziggurat of ZOMG.  I rejected it, for obvious reasons.

There is a story in the forthcoming Tales from the Benevolence Archives called The Ziggurat of Zaumg.

It is the Internet’s fault.

My theme for this year’s A to Z challenge is my series The Benevolence Archives.  You can learn more about the series by going to the Amazon page for Volume 1 here or add it to a Goodreads shelf here.  

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