#AtoZChallenge, Day 23: Whisper-on-the-Waters

WWhisper-on-the-Waters is a dwarf and a high-ranking member of the Noble Opposition.  She appears in The Sanctum of the Sphere.

Dwarves are an intensely matriarchal culture, and women by law hold all positions of status and power.  Female dwarves typically have “story” names (two other dwarves from BA stories are Smashes-the-Stars and Shocks-the-Mountains, for example.)  Male dwarves are practically slaves unless they happen to be the children of very highborn dwarven women; most male dwarves have a three-letter name, not always especially pronounceable.  Brazel and Grond have been called upon to “liberate” male dwarves from their homes on more than one occasion, as the few allowed access to education often try to escape dwarven society to make their way in freedom somewhere else.

My theme for this year’s A to Z challenge is my series The Benevolence Archives.  You can learn more about the series by going to the Amazon page for Volume 1 here or add it to a Goodreads shelf here.  

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