tl;dr: blaaaaaaargh

bcde997bd63ccd72a03b7f5e5063af4d.jpgDoes it count as progress if I’ve applied for a job at a place where I know some people and those people have repeatedly talked me up to the boss as someone who would 1) be exceptional for the position they’re looking for and 2) fit in well with the mix of other personalities at the office, but that due to the vagaries of the hiring process there is virtually no way I might be able to start work before mid-March even assuming that the people responsible for hiring me actually decide that they want to do that?  Because I feel like that’s sort of progress, but then I look at these couple of projects I have going on around here and think well, no reason to work on THAT today, it’s not like I’m going to run out of time to do it.

I have, effectively, been out of work since October, and officially been out of work for just over a month, and I am heartily fucking tired of it, people.

(Listening to Pandora while typing whiny blog post; discovers that See You Again is a Wiz Khalifa song; temporarily does not understand how universe works.)

Anyway.  I should go buy some pączki or something to cheer myself up, but it’s cold and snowy outside and instead I’ll stare at that in pączki and be really aggravated that the diacritical marks are screwing up the size of the letter so badly.  I’ve been really boring around here lately, and I need to either just take the plunge and go all-politics all-the-time until after the election or find something else other than, say, my life to discuss.

I mean, hell, Michigan’s Senate just passed a bill making blowjobs illegal.  No, really.  That’s not a joke.  Twelve years ago, that would have been good for a week of profane sarcasm, or at least some decent mockery.  And here I’ve just only now mentioned it.

The boy’s getting in trouble at lot at school lately, and that’s its own big thing that I’m not sure what to do about.  I’m used to working with older kids, obviously, and I don’t quite know what to do to rein in a preschooler when I’m not around him.  I got a hint from one of his teachers this morning that the problems are worse than I’d initially been led to believe, which also isn’t helping, because I’ve been interpreting “no email home” to mean “no problems,” and apparently that just means “problems, but not enough that I’m writing home about them.”  Which means I’ve been praising my son for doing good jobs on days when he wasn’t.  So, great: I’ve literally been reinforcing bad behavior.  That’s … awesome.

(Brief moment to be glad I’m not teaching any longer.)

(Then this next paragraph, immediately afterwards.)

Maybe I’ll just start homeschooling.  With the money we’d get back from tuition it might actually be worth it.  Ugh.  There’s also the ugly possibility that we may have started him a year too early; he’s the youngest kid in his class, and while he appears to be up to snuff with everyone else academically no one would have blinked had we decided to take another year before we put him into school.  (His best friend, in fact, is two weeks older than him, and not in preschool yet.)

So, yeah.  Obviously my head’s all over the goddamn place right now.

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  1. niaaeryn

    Totally counts as progress. Timing may be meh, but work is work. In this economy getting something that is a good option you can’t be picky on timing.

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