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It is amazing to me that fully eight years after the end of the Bush administration I still can’t blog properly about politics without getting a headache.  Every post I have in mind right now touches on the presidential race in some way, and I don’t want to write any of them because Christ am I tired of talking about politics, despite the fact that outside of education policy (and there’s been precious little of that lately) I almost never talk about politics around here.(*)

Some of you know this; there was a Previous Blog; back when Xanga was a thing (google it) and that blog was basically politics 24/7.  I burned out.  I can’t do it anymore.  Which is why, for example, Jeb Bush can shoot a “Heckuva job, Brownie” over at Governor Rick “Why the fuck am I not in jail yet” Snyder over the way he poisoned thousands of children and then gave a nice speech about it and the only mention it gets around here is this sentence.  I can’t make myself write the post.  It’s too hurty.  I don’t have the energy for it.

Or, for example, and this is a real thing, how I just don’t have the energy to argue with people who think referring to Hillary Clinton as “Hillary” is hugely sexist when this is Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo:


The “H” stands for “Calling me Hillary is sexist,” obviously.

(And, for that matter, while Carly Fiorina is more likely to use her full name than just “Carly,” I can find a fair amount of campaign material that just calls her “Carly” and nothing that just says “Fiorina.”)

And there is still ten fucking months until the election.

Sooner or later either the dam is going to burst, and the torrent of bile that will be unleashed around here will drive away each and every one of my previous readers, because I love you fuckers but you have no idea what I’m actually like once I get going on this shit, or my head’s just going to explode, which is probably the best solution for everyone outside of maybe my immediate family.  My son will miss me; my wife and other adult family members will probably just be glad they don’t have to put up with my shit any more.


(*) I got curious and checked my categories; I have sixty-some-odd posts categorized as “politics,” but virtually none of them are Washington/election politics, which is specifically what I’m referring to here.  Frankly, most of them are about feminism, which may perhaps deserve its own category by now.

13 thoughts on “Eric the half a blog

  1. Actually, for some of us the elections are 2 weeks away and we are reminded of it ever 2 seconds. Coming from the state of “first in the nation primary (is a caucus even a real election?)” NH, I hear way, way too much about the election….


  2. Understand burnout posting politics as the American election cycle never pauses. And why a Snyder write would wither the soul. But the implosion of the Grand Old Party may just be too tasty to take a pass. And then the subplots: like Senator Cotton on the come in Arkansas, the diff between a Socialist and a Democrat, and the conservative “intelligentsia” sudden mea culpa that rank and file hoi polloi often ticket punch via runaway emotion. Who would have thought?

    Curious to see what flows if and when that damn breaks.



  3. I’m happy for you to breathe fire on my behalf on the subject of politics. I’m too much of a wuss to even start.
    One of my delights in life is to have my iTunes (mostly opera/classical) on random; every now and then Monty Python will pop up to lend a bit of balance to my musical diet.


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