(Shut up: Gimp is the name of the software program I’m using.)

This is a business card.  Right?  Sure it is:

LMS Business Card Front.pngLMS Business Card Back.png

Color is the front, B&W is the back.  I’m still doing the bookmarks but I need something business card sized I can hand out for other reasons.

Thoughts?  How much do these suck?  And I’m still fiddling with the tagline.  And the fonts.  Everyone always hates my font choices.


16 thoughts on “Gimpery

  1. Adam Dreece

    I know you’re trying to be witty with the “word stuff” but I think it’s going to have a negative reaction. I saw it and immediately had a negative impulse, but having a half-point uptick in positive.

    Your statement has to be about the person reading it, not about you being clever. “Bringing words to life” for example is great because it is what you do as a writer, and what you would do as an editor.

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    1. It doesn’t help that the line itself isn’t very good. I’d just done 40 versions of “Author/Editor/Publisher” that didn’t fit the space well and needed something different. That won’t be the final tagline.

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  2. Brian Hall

    Why not attach your domain to gmail? I hate free email addresses on business cards. Takes the professionalism down a notch. It’s only $5 a month IIRC.


    1. Be aware that at some point I’m going to have to hunt you down and fight you because of the vile technological rabbit hole this has led me down. I still love you and all, but we gon’ scrap.


  3. my main concern here is that i changed the font on my blog BECAUSE YOU WANTED ME TO and now you’re telling the world you’re bad with fonts. #hate

    if i have a secondary concern, it would be why you need a tagline at all; ‘writer and editor’ ought to be enough information for anyone who… you know, is literate at all, i would think.


    1. Your previous font was completely unreadable. I can handle “this cannot be read by humans with eyes.” Also, I literally just like twenty seconds ago put up a newer version. See if that’s better.


  4. I like the colour cover, with the clear writing and message. I can see the problem with word-stuff, but if you replace it you want something equally warm and informal. I was somehow less satisfied with the fonts on the info side… but I am the last person to advise on fonts.


  5. I actually liked ‘word-stuff’, I suppose it depends who you’re aiming at.

    Anyway. First impression was “The gap between Luther M. and Siler is too big”.

    I’m not so good at fonts either, so I won’t judge your choices. I would tend to agree with one of the previous comments though – fewer are better than more…


    1. Oh, make no mistake– any attempt at doing stuff with the program is still involving a lot of cussing. That said, I’m starting to get decent at using it for the stuff I need to use it for. Ask me for something more complicated than a bookmark or a book cover and I’m gonna be right back in the shit again.


  6. niaaeryn

    I like the color and the people used…but yeah, fonts are tricky. I have no suggestions though for the same reason. I hate fonts sometimes.


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