In which the Internet replaces my bad ideas with good ones

It has been about ten years since my last tattoo.  I have six of them right now, two of which are invisible under normal lighting, so maybe I should just say I have four.  I have been thinking about the next tattoo for a decade and still don’t have it.  I want a new tattoo, dammit!  My arms are bare!

The problem is I’m really picky and I need an idea to be great for a while.  I’ve turned on a lot of ideas that I thought were good at first.  Most of my tattoos are literary in nature, so variations on these have come up.  One of them I’ve even talked about in a previous post:

Hunter Thompson is one of my favorite authors, but lots of people have that tattoo already– which, I admit, didn’t stop me with my Lord of the Rings tattoo.  But two tattoos that I know I’ve already seen on other people?  Is kind of a problem, which makes the Hitchhiker’s Guide image an issue as well despite the fact that that book has also been a favorite for nearly my entire life.  And the one with the pencil is a nice mix of a politics tattoo and a writer tattoo, which I like, but I’ve been thinking about something similar to that image for over a year and I haven’t pulled the trigger yet so I don’t think I ever will do it at this point.

Which brings me to this, an image I know good and goddamn well no one else has:


That’s the symbol of Azamoeg, and it shows up a lot in the Benevolence Archives books– I actually use it as a section divider in the print versions of Sanctum and BA Vol. 1.  I designed the damn thing myself, so I know nobody else has used it.  And I can have an actual artist jazz it up a bit too, if I want to.

But I’m not in love with that idea either.

So.  Internet, do your thing.  Find my next tattoo!

Sunday morning Patreon bleg

UnknownInstead of the usual biweekly Station Identification post, let’s do this: My Patreon site is four days old and I’m already up to five Patrons, which is both more people and more money than I was imagining before I put it up.  That said, I’m gonna be pushing this hard around here for at least a week.

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Proof of art

I didn’t do anything today other than draw and sleep, and … well, I can’t make a post out of what I did while I was sleeping.  I’m still not any good at this, really, but I’m enjoying it.


This might be my favorite picture I’ve done so far.  The boy’s gotten back into Phineas & Ferb recently and I love Dr. Doofenschmirtz.
A lot of what I’ve been doing lately, when I haven’t been drawing established characters, is just playing with putting different body parts together and seeing what happens.  I kinda like this guy but then again when I started drawing him he was supposed to be a woman, so …
This is what happens when I stare at Phineas’ enormous triangle head for a while and wonder what a rectangle head looks like.  Answer: terrifying.
Dude on the left is random.  The girl on the right started off as just a nose, and her nose was supposed to be the shape of her whole head, and then I decided it was a nose so she ended up oversized.
Working on mouths.
This was fiddling around, too; keep the same basic head shape and hair and play with the other face parts and see what happens.  I kinda like the one with the straight mouth and the frog nose.

I am sleepy so here is art

IMG_6890So as goofy and simplistic as they are these actually kind of represent some progress; I’m starting to draw original pictures rather than copying something that’s in front of me, and at the suggestion of I’ve switched to working with pens rather than pencils because they force me to stop and think before making a mark on a piece of paper.  Sooner or later I will start doing little cartoon dudes with, like, bodies and shit, but I’m not quite there yet.  Just faces for right now.

Weird phenomenon: I drew these five faces, and then realized they were all dudes.  I mean, I suppose the monkey-thing doesn’t really have to be a dude, but in my head they were all dudes.  And then I thought I ought to draw at least one girl to even things out and then panicked because apparently I have no idea how to draw women.

So, uh, I’ll work on that unexpected problem tomorrow, I guess?  Sure.