In which I totally lose the thread

images.jpegSo it turns out Chatroulette is still a thing.  Who knew?

Today was a morning full of errands and minor home improvement tasks, an afternoon of nothing, and then full-time Daddy Duty all evening.  I may or may not have mentioned my wife’s new job; I think I have but I can’t remember specifically doing it.  At any rate, I have officially ceded the title of Breadwinner; she came close to doubling her salary by changing jobs and even if I still had last year’s job she’d still be like 20% above me.

So this means that when Lord High Muckety-Mucks from her new company are in town, she has to go to Big Fancy Dinners to entertain them.  So she’s there, and I’m a househusband today.

(Hey, it’s better than “unemployed.”  I did my first job application today where I had to admit that technically I don’t have a job any longer, although I suppose I could put self-employed on there and list Prostetnic.  Maybe I should.  Hmm.)

(Actually, I really should.  Author/Publisher/Marketer/Owner/Technically-can’t-call-myself-a-CEO, dating back to 2013?  Hmm.)

Yeah, this post was gonna be about something and now all I can think about is how I should redo my resume.  What was I gonna say again?  Shit.

…yeah, I lost it.  Dammit.  🙂

9 thoughts on “In which I totally lose the thread

  1. The rumors of your unemployment are vastly exaggerated, you are as busy as a person can be without a job. It will eventually be a relief to go back “to work at a paying job”.

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  2. I didn’t know Chatroulette was still around either … I only saw it once, at a friend’s party, and was similarly … I don’t think there’s a word that means “curious”, “fascinated”, and “horrified” in exactly the right proportions that add up to over 100%.

    I always hoped I was not the only person in the world who was disappointed to find that was actually a French version of Chatroulette rather than displaying an image of a random cat.

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