So far

Today has featured an auto repair shop declining work on a car because it would be too expensive and complicated, damn near falling asleep while driving my kid to school (unrelated to the car work! I swear!) because apparently none of last night’s sleep took, lost toddler shoes, verbose teacherly apologies, an entire pot of coffee, a couple of hours of resultant heart palpitations, beta reading, utter ridiculousness on Twitter, preparations for a toddler (not mine) birthday party, taquitos, and somehow dragging the beaten and lifeless carcass of the Sunlight manuscript across the 40,000 word mark.

Guess which part was my favorite.

I am exhausted.  I’d be happy that it’s the weekend, but 1) this weekend is going to be busy as hell, and 2) I’m unemployed at the moment so it’s not like weekends are any different from any other day.

In other words, have a couple of music videos, because I am done for the day.

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