In which I am frustrated

It was inevitable; after basically a month back at work, I had a really rough day today. I have done a total of three office referrals all year before today and one of them was on someone else’s behalf; I did two just today. My morning classes were fine; my two afternoon classes were nuts enough that they tossed the whole day into shit status, and it’s currently 6:38 and I’m ready to go the hell to bed. I spent part of yesterday contemplating switching grades before deciding not to do it; today I just want to throw all the 8th graders away.

Tomorrow will be better, I’m sure, but … gah, I need them to not be crapweasels. May 26 can’t get here fast enough.

I’m so tired

There is a real good chance that this is going to be a quiet week. Other than griping about how much I hate having to wear a mask all day, which is true of absolutely everyone, I have no complaints about today (which, as a reminder, was my first day back in-person in thirteen months) at all. I knew it was going to go fine and it went fine. I still have some things to think about (I was not expecting working with the at-home kids to go well, and it went worse than I thought it would) but the main thing today was to survive it, and it went fine.

My neck hurts (and I know why, it’s because I’m stupid) and I am tired in my bones. I expect that condition to continue through the end of the week, at least. I’m going to pull tomorrow’s assignment together and try to stay out of bed until 9. No guarantees after that.

Halfassing it again

I seem to be on a trend lately where I do three or four longer pieces a week and three or four two-sentence “I yawned so hard just now that my phone didn’t recognize my face” types of posts.

Guess which one this is, because I’m in full-blown March Teacher Tired, and I absolutely cannot right now.

I hate daylight savings time

I beat Spider-Man: Miles Morales this evening, finally, and I think I’m going to count that as everything I needed to achieve today, because I am done, otherwise.

Here, have an earworm

Last night, after a two-hour doctor visit that involved X-rays and eventually just being told “nothing’s wrong, put up with it,” I got Taco Bell, because fuck it. And this song has been running through my head for my every waking moment since then.

And now I bequeath it … to you.

This was quite a week. I didn’t really like the book I was reading this week. Monday was President’s Day, Tuesday was a snow day, on Wednesday I held class even though I found out I didn’t have to, Thursday featured a deeply depressing meeting whose theme was honest-to-God “Let’s plan for the impossible, and find the least impossible way to do the impossible stuff,” and today was drama day. I haven’t had Drama Day since we went virtual! This was drama from other schools leaking over into mine!

And then WandaVision got on my last nerve, prompting a “Fuck you, show!” at the end.

I dunno. I’m in pajama pants at 7:30, which has happened three or four times in the last couple of weeks and also three or four times in the last couple of years. I’m gonna watch videos and get pissed at YouTube shoving ads at me every five minutes and maybe go to bed early.