Another one of those days

middle-finger-poster-flag-6185-pI should probably go back through the last several weeks and see just how often an “oh, fuck today” post gets put up on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Last week’s not counting, of course, since that one was kinda epic.

I may have a story about this evening that breaks my “don’t talk shit about customers on the blog” rule, but I don’t think I have the energy to write it right now.  Needless to say: husbands, don’t talk shit about your wives in front of me, because it makes you a fucking asshole, and, well, not wives but customers in general; if I’m offering you 15% off of a piece of furniture because it’s the floor model, and you literally invent imaginary fucking dirt on the piece in an attempt to get more off, especially if it’s already 8:15?  I’m likely to tell you to go to hell.

Just FYI.

So, I’m watching yesterday’s Walking Dead while I’m writing this– there’s already slash fiction out there about Rick and Negan, right?  Or did I just bring it into existence by mentioning it?

This is a short way of saying “it’s bedtime”

We had a corporate visit from a half-dozen or so Lord High Muckety-Mucks today.  I spent the last two days cleaning the living hell out of the store, and while the visit literally could not have gone any better without them showering all of us with candy and bonus checks I am tired as a motherfucker right now and my knees and hips are screaming at me every time I sit down for more than a couple of minutes and then try to stand back up.

So naturally I’m watching videos about installing vinyl flooring, because that’s totally what I need to be doing right now.

I’m so damn tired

Sixteen thousand steps yesterday, along with unloading a sofa truck, and another eight thousand today, on what was supposed to be a half day, and the managers have begun rather conspicuously training me in management stuff as of today as well.  This was a 50-hour week.  It would have been better had sales not been crap; as it turns out, the week after Labor Day isn’t the greatest time to expect folks to come out and buy furniture.

Point is, once I was finally home at 6, with a car full of new flooring for my dining room (because, sure, we have time for that new project, and I have time to learn how to lay flooring) there was nothing to do but sit in my recliner and stare at the wall and idly work on crossword puzzles on my iPad.

I have been spending a lot of time doing crossword puzzles lately.  Apparently I’m 90 now. And possibly a woman.  I associate fondness for crossword puzzles with women.  Is that a thing, or just another way I’m weird?

My main goal for tomorrow is to not go back to sleep when I get home from dropping the boy off.  Secondary goal is to vacuum.  If I manage that, we’ll think about doing something interesting.


Also, this might be the greatest book cover in the history of humanity.  It’s the question mark that does it for me.  I don’t even know why I bother writing when there is genius work like this out there:


EDIT: Guys, after additional research, I’m gonna need one of you to take the hit and order this thing.  I’ll send you a free print copy of any of my three novels (novels, because I’m out of copies of BA 1) if you download this piece of magnificence and tell me about it.  Please:

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.22.53 PM.png

In which I pay insufficient attention to national events

2016_democratic_national_convention_logo.jpgI deliberately ignored the entirety of the RNC, and due to my work schedule I’m only just now tuning into a few minutes of the Democratic convention before falling into bed and dying.  I was treated to a few minutes of Jeffrey Lord being an idiot and now the crowd is mostly ignoring a speech by a NYPD detective who was serving on September 11.

And now he’s done, rather abruptly, and there’s a 9/11 survivor talking, and I’m sorta losing interest already.  Bill Clinton is speaking later, but I don’t know what “later” means and I know for sure that i’m probably not going to last to see it.

My understanding is that the speeches yesterday went well, and that Bernie echoed Hillary’s move in 2008, calling for her to be nominated by acclamation, and that a number of his delegates are being jackasses.  I have a half day tomorrow, so I may catch up on some of the stuff I missed; we’ll see.

I spent an hour and a half unloading furniture trucks this morning, guys.  Brain’s turning off.  How was your day?

In which I forget that posts need titles until after I’ve hit Publish

Hot-Weather-Malaysia.jpgIt is not as hot outside as I was expecting it to be today– which is to say, when I look outside nothing is obviously on fire.  That said, I have at least one customer out on the golf course at OtherJob right now who I am not entirely certain is going to survive the experience.  I’m comfortably ensconced in an air conditioned gameroom that hasn’t had many people breathing in it, so I’m doing fine– but I need to figure out how to get to my car at the end of the day without leaving the game room, which might be a bit tricky.

In other news, despite above-average caffeine consumption for the morning, I’ve been yawning for six solid hours and have formally taken next week off from OtherJob, meaning that my string of five straight six-day, 53-hour weeks is about to finally be snapped.  My day off yesterday featured taking my son to day care, grabbing breakfast, doing a competitive shop at a furniture store that I don’t work at (after waiting in the parking lot for 45 minutes because I couldn’t think of anything else to do to kill the time before the place opened) and then coming home and staring at a computer screen for two more hours before taking a three-hour nap.  Despite that, everyone in my house was still in bed before nine last night.  Needless to say, no fiction was written.  Once I leave here I have to go back to the other furniture store for a moment– I was informed that I had managed to miss a critical piece that we need to know the pricing of– and then off to my mom and dad’s for pizza with my brother and new sister-in-law, who I haven’t seen since their wedding.  I’m excited about it, but I also kind of wish I could find a way to have pizza and see family from my bed.

And then it will be Saturday, which is my Monday now, and everything will start over again.

c0a8349fee3c9bfe413e1bb453bcdf48.jpgIn other, entirely unrelated news: did anyone reading this post have a dad like this?  One of those “I’ll kill you if you touch my daughter” types?  I don’t know why, but I caught myself thinking about this type of guy (note: I do not have a daughter) earlier today, and it occurred to me that the way you treat your daughter’s boyfriends has got to be a reflection of the way you, yourself, treat and/or treated women.  I feel like it’s got to say something fucked up about you that you feel the need to go all alpha gorilla and shotgunny when some dipshit teenager comes near your daughter.

(The picture is probably a joke.  Almost certainly.  But we all know these guys exist.  Or maybe they don’t; I dunno, maybe it’s a stereotype that isn’t really real– the father of the only girl I ever really dated in high school was literally on another continent and I met very few dads in between her and the woman I ended up marrying.  Needless to say, by that point we were both grown and her dad very clearly understood that he no longer had any say in the matter one way or another.)

Any thoughts on that, anybody?