I wasn’t going to post tonight

My vision’s been fucked up all day, for no reason I can identify, and I really need to avoid staring at screens, but then I came across this and I’m at least 50% more Jewish than I was ten minutes ago and what with it being the first day of Hanukkah if I don’t share it now I can’t ever do it.

So.  Watch this:

What we need … is a video

This is probably the single most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever done in this space, so please, forgive me, but: we’re vlogging tonight.

I’m so very sorry.

It’s gonna have to be a music video Wednesday

…because I was at work an hour earlier than usual today, and then had a two-hour meeting after work, and then came home and ate dinner and now somehow it’s 9 PM.

Your Song of Wednesday, therefore, is …


(I’m in the mood for something very chill.  Despite the lyrics, I think this counts.)

Real post of some sort tomorrow, I promise.

ETA:  Why not, one more:


Music Sunday again

…and not even much of one, I’ll admit, but these two songs have been getting a hell of a lot of play lately so let’s all enjoy them together.  I took my wife out for Chinese tonight and then went and bought books rather than worrying about blogging, so this is what you get.  🙂

Sunday music video dump

Yes, I know good and goddamn well it’s Friday out there in the “real” world, but Thursday and Friday are my weekend and I have to go to work tomorrow so to hell with your normal human days of the week.  It’s Sunday, motherfuckers, let’s rock out: