Not much today

Kind of just had a Friday; nothing in particular, for once, that I feel the need to talk about. I got a few errands run and just finished a swim with my wife and the boy; the water in the pool was up to 82 degrees, which is damn near perfect.

What’s going on in your neck of the woods?

7:59 PM, Friday June 19th: 2,219,119 confirmed cases and 119,086 Americans dead. We had the largest number of new infections today we’ve had on any single day since April. April.

Taking the night off

I have spent the entire day convinced that it was Friday, which it was not, and then once I got home from work, tired and confused, I had to go have a parent conference at Hogwarts for my own kid, then had dinner, and now it’s somehow 7:30 already and I feel like it’s bedtime.

Go curl up with a good book, I’ll be back tomorrow. ūüôā

It is Friday night and I am listening to Bowie

… the opening track to The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust, specifically. I’ve been on this kick lately where I’ve been listening to The Man who Sold the World on repeat and it’s broadening out.

I don’t have a ton to say tonight, really; it was a pretty damn good week at school, all told; the weird behavioral improvements in all but one of my classes don’t show any signs of degrading now that the first couple of days back are gone, and teaching this week has actually been pleasant, for the most part. I have more or less abandoned the idea of not returning to the classroom again next year, at least for now; I’ll keep my eyes open, of course, to see if anything presents itself, but I’m not going to kill myself looking, which was kind of the plan earlier in the year. If I’m back in the same classroom in the same building next year, that’ll be fine. Feels weird saying that, but it’s true.

I finished Jenna Glass’ The Women’s War yesterday or the night before, and I read it in three or four big gulps and was really happy with what I read. I haven’t reviewed it because since reading it I’ve read a bunch of other pieces on it and I’m reexamining what I thought of the book after taking what those folks had to say about it into consideration. I have read some gripes about the book that I think are mostly garbage (when it’s repeatedly harped on that one character has oddly pale skin and is the only blonde-haired person in the book, guys, it’s because everybody else is brown, and “brown” is the skin color that is the default) but a few have had some merit to them. I’m simultaneously trying to decide if it’s okay to let someone else drag down my own opinion of something I enjoyed, but hell, real issues are real issues. Some of this shit I should have caught on my own, y’know?

It’s going to be a busy weekend– I have a decent pile of grading to get to already, and I need to go talk to Money People about some shit, and a handful of family obligations. I’ll be around, of course, but I’m not going to be able to have my normal sluggardly Saturday, I think. Curses!

So far

Today has featured an auto repair shop¬†declining work on a car because it would be¬†too expensive and complicated, damn near falling asleep while driving my kid to school (unrelated to the car work! I swear!) because apparently none of last night’s sleep¬†took, lost toddler shoes, verbose teacherly apologies, an¬†entire pot of coffee, a couple of hours of resultant heart palpitations, beta reading,¬†utter ridiculousness on Twitter, preparations for a toddler (not mine) birthday party, taquitos, and somehow dragging the beaten and lifeless carcass of the¬†Sunlight manuscript across the 40,000 word mark.

Guess which part was my favorite.

I am exhausted. ¬†I’d be happy that it’s the weekend, but 1) this weekend is going to be busy as¬†hell, and 2) I’m unemployed at the moment so it’s not like weekends are any different from any other day.

In other words, have a couple of music videos, because I am done for the day.

Good evening!

1517206039753204911Two kinda long days in a row, and I cannot word at the moment. ¬†Lots to do tomorrow, too, including getting caught up on¬†Sunlight, which I haven’t touched in a couple of days.

What are people with lives doing this Friday night? ¬†There’s gotta be something fun going on somewhere.