I’m not writing about fucking Starbucks cups, and you can’t make me.  I’m sick to fucking death of the type of evangelical Christian who thinks that they own all of November and December and that the rest of us have to behave exactly how they want or they’ll make everyone miserable.  And they don’t get any more of my brain cycles.  Fuck ’em all.


Regarding the Jayashree post from a couple of days ago:  I was woken up from a sound fucking sleep last night to quickly type the name of a new story into Wunderlist, at which point I spent an hour trying not to get up and go piss and deal with some vastly annoying heartburn because the cat was in between my legs and I didn’t want to dislodge her.  Both she and I lost that battle eventually, and the story’s about half written in my head right now.  I’m just setting it earlier in her life to avoid having to deal with the, uh, fallout from Jayashree and the Young.

The story, by the way, is called Jayashree and the Gallows Pole.  Let that one roll around in your head for a while.

I’m at my parents’ house all day today keeping an eye on my mom.  Not sure if that means I’ll be around more than usual or less; I do hope to keep up with my NotNaNo word count but beyond that I’m basically just waiting for it to be tomorrow so I can play Fallout 4 23 hours a day for the rest of my life.

5 thoughts on “NOPE

  1. As an evangelical Christian I think most North American evangelical Christians needs to get their heads out of their butts. There are so many more important things than Starbucks cups. Like not being a d-bag.

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  2. i had to stop being catholic because okay, sure: #notallcatholics, but you know what, #fuckingenoughofthem that it actually starts to matter if you’re bolstering their numbers. well, that and the whole agnosticism thing, but let’s not split hairs, ha.

    the only problem i have with starbucks cups is when they put the wrong thing in mine, which i am 99% sure has never happened, ever, so they can wage war on infants and kittens for all i care, just PUT THE CAFFEINE IN MY FACE, TODD, AND WOULD IT KILL YOU TO WEAR A FUCKING BEARDNET? what the hell was on their holiday cups in previous years, that suddenly not-that is taking the christ out of holy-christ-srsly-this-shit-again? isn’t it offensive that they were holiday cups and not jesus our blessed lord and saviour cups, with iconic depictions of His Holy Whitewashed Face? i’ll have a Venti Flat White Son of God, to go.

    seriously, sir: this is NOT what god had in mind when he wrote the constitution, at all.

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  3. I believe it was a reindeer. I’m not too up my theology, but Jeebus wasn’t a reindeer, was he? I don’t understand how dropping the reindeer means Starbucks hates Jeebus.


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