An entertainment and an announcement

augustus_primaportaFirst, a bonus story for those of you who have read Searching for Malumba, particularly those of you who have gotten to the chapter called “A Long Day, Pt. 2.”

Out of nowhere, my Bruce Banner Facebook account just got a friend request from Caesar, of all people.  I haven’t heard from Caesar since the last day of the Washington DC trip I took him on when he was in 7th grade.  Technically, I wasn’t supposed to do that, because he had transferred out of our school earlier in the year, but the adults involved basically looked around and went hell, he’s a good kid, let’s just not tell anybody, and it ended up working out fine anyway.

Caesar, and this will only be funny to those of you who have read Malumba, is a politician now, as in “he is actually running for state office in 2016,” and he has a Facebook page full of pictures of himself in a nicer suit than any of the ones I own, standing next to important politicians, including one former President and at least three people currently running for office.

I approved the request immediately.  This is one of the ones I have wanted to be able to keep an eye on.  🙂

And now, the announcement, and this one’s a big one:  I have just received confirmation that I will have a Small Press booth at C2E2 2016running from March 18th-20th of next year.  This means that I have three convention appearances currently planned out and official: Starbase Indy later this month, C2E2 in March, and IndyPopCon in June.  I’m still trying to get into one more in August that I’ve not been to before (and which will also be a really big deal), and I’m thinking about going to next year’s InConJunction, which was the one I want to last summer.  If Starbase Indy is fun and profitable, I’ll seriously consider doing that again next year too, but we’ll see how the first one goes.

That’s a big deal.  That’s tens of thousands of people who I’ll have access to next year in person and not through my blog or Twitter.  2016 could be a very, very big deal for Luther Siler.

I’m excited already.  🙂

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