Interview with Darkfyre Entertainment at Starbase Indy

I haven’t actually watched this yet.  Well, okay, I got through like my first sentence and then decided I couldn’t watch any more, because the sight of me on video is kind of terrifying.

But YOU can watch it if you want.  My first video interview!  Woo!

November Wankery 1: Starbase Indy

Darth Moses.  Click to read the commandments.

Why November Wankery 1? Because chances are there’s going to be another one, maybe later today, maybe not, about sales and traffic. Because the great thing about getting 12K pageviews in a day is that I am under no obligation whatsoever to be interesting to anyone other than me.

So. Yeah. Starbase Indy.

That went… well?

Much like InConJunction, what is not in question is whether I had a good time.  I definitely did.  I enjoy these things, although the fact that for the second con in a row I was sitting near some very fun people definitely didn’t hurt.  I sold a lot more books this time, 36 in total, which unfortunately still wasn’t quite enough to pay for both the hotel room and the table.  I think in the future I need to focus on conventions in towns where I can stay with friends, or when I’m back in Indianapolis I need to drop the idea of staying at the convention hotel and find the nearest cheap La Quinta Inn or something like that.  There’s only so many times I can go to these things and lose money; exposure’s fun, but you can die from it.

But.  That exposure.

The following things happened: did I tell the story at InCon about giving my very last customer a free copy of Sanctum, and telling him that if he liked it, to find me at the next con and buy something?  Well, if I didn’t, that happened.

He wasn’t the first person at my table, but he was probably second or third.  Sadly, that’s as good as the story gets– he had a terribly apologetic look on his face and told me that Sanctum was literally the next book on his TBR shelf and he hadn’t gotten to it yet.  Which, dude, I’m a reader, that’s fine.  I’ve got a book by Salman Rushdie on my shelf that’s been waiting at least that long.  If I can make Salman Rushdie wait, you can make me wait.  Point is, he came over and talked to me about my books some more.

More fun?  This happened. Not only did these folks begin the conversation with “I follow you on Twitter” and not only did they buy a book, they took my picture and blogged about it.  Like I’m some sort of interesting person or something like that.  Which was insanely awesome.

Also insanely awesome: getting interviewed by these folks on Day 3.  As far as I know the podcast/video with the interview in it isn’t up yet, but I will of course link to it immediately once it is.  And I’ve got a card from another guy who wants to do an interview at some point but didn’t have recording equipment with him.

None of these things happened at InCon.  Which is not a slam on InCon, as it was my first convention, but holy hell did I feel more like an author and less like some sort of poseur at this one.

So, yeah.  The con went well.  Next up is C2E2, which despite my earlier griping I managed to find a way to send money to (and which I will almost certainly lose more money at) and the next one is either PenguiCon, which is right by my aunt’s house, or IndyPopCon in June.  We’ll see.

View from my hotel window

…because why the heck not.  This might be pretty in summertime:


Proof of life

The con hasn’t killed me yet.

It may have driven me insane, though.

I need a salad.


Come see me tomorrow at @StarbaseIndy!

I should be packing right now; I’m spending the next three days at the Wyndham Indianapolis West in, uh, Indianapolis at the Starbase Indy science fiction/ Star Trek convention.  I will, hopefully, both have a really good time and sell an insane number of books.


It goes without saying that I think if you’re in Indianapolis or within reasonable driving range that you should come see me.  At least, it should go without saying, even though technically I just said it twice.

“But, Luther!” you cry.  “Who shall post roughly every four to five hours while you are awake?  How could we go a weekend without you? Isn’t it true that it’s been a year since you missed a day?”

First of all, no, not quite; the last time I missed a day was December 23, 2014.  So it’s been almost a year.  Second, as of right now my next six posts are set up, taking care of the blog through Monday morning.  You’ve got two from me (well, one’s a Station Identification) and four guest posts coming from four very capable writers, at least one of which genuinely deserves to go even more viral than the Syria post (35,456 hits and counting) did.  You’ll know it when you see it.  There’s also an announcement coming Monday morning!  Your hint is that it’ll be on Cyber Monday.  Let your brain run wild.

Anyway.  Don’t spend too much money in the big boxes this weekend, kids.  The sales aren’t that good anyway.  Support local and independent retailers and all that.  And come see me!