Come see me tomorrow at @StarbaseIndy!

I should be packing right now; I’m spending the next three days at the Wyndham Indianapolis West in, uh, Indianapolis at the Starbase Indy science fiction/ Star Trek convention.  I will, hopefully, both have a really good time and sell an insane number of books.


It goes without saying that I think if you’re in Indianapolis or within reasonable driving range that you should come see me.  At least, it should go without saying, even though technically I just said it twice.

“But, Luther!” you cry.  “Who shall post roughly every four to five hours while you are awake?  How could we go a weekend without you? Isn’t it true that it’s been a year since you missed a day?”

First of all, no, not quite; the last time I missed a day was December 23, 2014.  So it’s been almost a year.  Second, as of right now my next six posts are set up, taking care of the blog through Monday morning.  You’ve got two from me (well, one’s a Station Identification) and four guest posts coming from four very capable writers, at least one of which genuinely deserves to go even more viral than the Syria post (35,456 hits and counting) did.  You’ll know it when you see it.  There’s also an announcement coming Monday morning!  Your hint is that it’ll be on Cyber Monday.  Let your brain run wild.

Anyway.  Don’t spend too much money in the big boxes this weekend, kids.  The sales aren’t that good anyway.  Support local and independent retailers and all that.  And come see me!

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      1. Haha! I see. I take back my being very impressed. I’m now only moderately impressed that you know your way around the “insights” tab. I look at the thing from time to time, but I’m afraid most of the profundity is lost on me. I mostly just use it when I need to find a particular follower for some reason. 🙂

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