Kokomo-Con 2019 Wrapup

The following things are all true; I am finding that I’m terrible at evaluating how these shows actually go, and this one was more mixed than most:

  • Attendance was pretty good; they announced about a thousand people through the door at the end of the show, which was a couple hundred more than last year, I think.
  • Weirdly, there were a lot of empty booths, which I don’t think was the case in previous years– any booth that was empty had a placard on it for someone, which means there was a last-minute cancellation. This time it looks like a lot of them just didn’t sell for some reason.
  • I sold half as many books as I’ve sold in previous years.
  • I paid for the table, which is always the goal, and there’s $150 in my pocket that wasn’t there on Friday.
  • Despite the poorer-than-usual sales, there were three other authors there who I’m friends with and know from previous shows, and I outsold all three of them, and in two cases pretty considerably.
  • Damn near every single person who came up and bought a book mentioned that they’d bought books from me at previous shows and were back for more, which is always an awesome feeling. One person came over to apologize for not having gotten to my book yet, but he wanted me to know he was still going to read it. Dude, I left a Salman Rushdie book on my unread shelf for a year once. You can make me wait. The book ain’t going anywhere.
  • The exception to the above was a guy who I talked to for five minutes who then bought every book I had except for Searching for Malumba.
  • Unrelated to the con, but fun: there was some sort of car show in central Indiana somewhere on Saturday, and the whole way down we were surrounded by Corvettes and classic cars driven by people who almost certainly didn’t know each other but figured out that they were all going to the same place and so fell into caravans. It was pretty cool. Also cool: passing six Corvettes in a row on the highway when you’re driving a Kia Soul. 🙂

So, yeah, pretty spectacularly mixed, yeah?

I was planning on taking a year off from this show– I love Kokomo-Con, and I’ve been three years in a row, but there’s a more writing-focused three-day con in Louisville on the same weekend that I’ve heard all kinds of good things about and I was planning on checking that one out in 2020. However, next year the Kokomo-Con is moving a weekend deeper into October, so it’s possible that the shows won’t overlap with each other next year, in which case I’ll need to decide if I want to/am able to do two shows in two weekends. So I’m not reserving my 2020 table just yet, and we’ll see what weekend the Imaginarium ends up being next year.

Kokomo-Con 2019!

I’m here! Get here!

Oh right also

My books did show up, so I’ll have all of my titles with me at Kokomo-Con.

… you are going to come see me at Kokomo-Con, right?


This Saturday, October 12th, I will once again be manning a booth at the 10th annual Kokomo-Con, held from 10 to 5 PM at the Kokomo Event Center at 1500 North Reed Road in, you guessed it, Kokomo, IN. I’ll be in Booth 64, a nice corner spot near the back, with the usual assortment of stuff (I hope. My restock books get here Thursday.)

This is the third time I’ve done this show, and it’s always fun. It’s also currently my last planned show of 2019, although I may find a way to squeeze one or two more in there if something happens to pop up at the last minute.

Cosplay! Books! Comics! Toys! Central Indiana! Come see me!

Hall of Heroes Con this weekend! Probably!

Tuesday morning I woke up, had a massive coughing fit in the shower, took the boy to school, threw up in the parking lot at McDonald’s while trying to obtain my breakfast, photocopied some crap real quick and went home.

Wednesday morning I got up, assessed the current state of my body, and called in sick to work.

Today I went to work, but I spent most of the day regretting it, and every adult that looked at me told me to go home, and my team said “See you Monday!” as I was leaving my meeting early to go to urgent care.

Urgent care told me rather unconditionally to get a lot of sleep and not to go to work tomorrow. Like, I’ve got the note and everything.

I’m not a huge fan of burning three sick days in September, but that looks like what’s about to happen? And, oh, right, I’ve already paid for Booth 59 at Hall of Heroes Con in Elkhart this weekend. I’m probably not contagious but I already feel like the Monday after a con as is and the con hasn’t happened yet.

So, my attendance is … up in the air, right now, I guess? At any rate the show is at Center Six One Five in Elkhart, from 10-6 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday; my understanding is that tickets are reasonably priced. I … well, I’m supposed to be there? So I might be there? I might not? I might show up, and then die!

We’ll see. You should go, though. And if I’m there you should definitely buy books from me because I will be suffering for my art.