IndyPopCon 2018, Day Three

Much of today was spent staring, glassy-eyed and half-asleep, into the middle distance rather than actively attempting to hawk books, and it also happened that frequently cosplayers whose costumes I might have wished to photograph chose to walk by at the precise moment that there was someone actually at my booth.  To wit, I don’t have nearly as many pictures today, but I suspect y’all will survive.


IndyPopCon 2018, Day Two

In accordance with prophecy, today was a much better day for sales; I’ve paid for my booth and then some and there’s still an entire day left for the con.  The cosplay contest was today, too, so folks brought their A game.  That picture of Iron Man down there was actually taken by my wife; I didn’t actually see him as he never entered the vendor floor, so my big winners were the Wookiee (who was at least eight feet tall; I should have gotten in the picture for scale) and Kratos, who was absolutely stone-cold perfect and is probably my favorite cosplay of the weekend so far.  Bonus points for the little girl in the BB-8 costume, who you have seen before, two years ago and hundreds of miles away.  Her mom’s reaction when I showed her my phone was all sorts of fun (and not in a “Why the hell do you have a picture of my kid from two years ago on your phone you creep?” sort of way, which was… well good.)

(Also, and for the record, any time I take a picture of a kid at one of these things I tell the parents I’m planning on posting the picture to the site and get specific permission from them for it.  I also usually give them a card so they can come look if they want.)

The other highlight was someone recognizing me from the previous IndyPopCon and coming over to tell me she loved Skylights and wanted to know what to read next.  I’ll have a sequel by the next time I come to this con, dear, I promise.


IndyPopCon 2018, Day One

Not the greatest day of sales ever, but Friday never is.  Check out the cosplay, though.  Notably missing: the Shaggy cosplayer who I didn’t ask for a picture because no one around me could decide if he was cosplaying Shaggy or just looked like it, or the young woman who was definitely not cosplaying Domino but was nonetheless a dead ringer for a slightly younger Zazie Beetz.

Come see me at IndyPopCon this weekend!


I’m going to be in Booth 1213 on the vendor floor at the Indianapolis Convention Center, sharing a booth with Michelle Wern, who may not be aware of just how much fun it is going to be to be crammed into an 8′ x 10′ booth with me and all of my con shit for three entire days.  It is eight o’clock in the morning and I am halfway through my morning coffee.  I have approximately six thousand and ten things to do (including mowing the goddamn yard and taking the dog to be boarded at the vet, which is eight thousand miles away) between now and my wife getting home from work at noon, so I probably ought to finish the coffee and stop mucking about on the Internet.

But mucking about on the Internet is fun, so here we are.  I didn’t do IndyPopCon last year, but it was a hell of a lot of fun in 2016 and I’m really looking forward to this show.  This will be the first con I’ve done twice, so we’ll see if anybody remembers me from last time.

Speaking of boarding the dog, I can see the toxic-ass fart she just dropped, so it’s definitely time to make her go away and I ought to start accomplishing things.  Photos to come!