#Weekendcoffeeshare: Halloween edition


If we were having coffee I’d be on my third cup of the morning already, because I had two right after getting up.  It’s kind of a sleepy, crabby morning around the Siler household this weekend, because Halloween tonight is probably going to be a washout and that’s putting all of us in a bad mood.  It’s already raining and the hourly chance of rain for the rest of the day bounces back and forth between seventy and ninety percent.  Should I be thanking Hurricane Patricia for this nonsense?  Maybe.  I know at least one actual meteorologist; maybe she’ll let me know.

Last Halloween, you may remember, we had a blizzard.  Tonight, a torrential downpour.  I’d rather have the blizzard; at least I got to stand outside in that, and there are few things that I dislike more than being outdoors in the rain.  I have no costume and I didn’t carve a pumpkin because my brain fell into this annoying feedback loop where I wanted to come up with something neat and creative and I couldn’t so I just didn’t do it at all.

I am starting to think, after several weeks of these posts, that I am not a very fun person to have coffee with, and I’m kinda tired of that, too.  Then again, if I remember right, I started writing these right after my medical bullshit started up and maybe I shouldn’t blame myself for all of it.  I’ve been less fun for the people around me, too.

If we were having coffee, I think you’d probably be able to tell that I start work again next week.  It occurred to me yesterday that if I made it through my mom’s surgery without an episode, I can probably get through a week of work, but I am noticeably blechy and jumpy at the moment.  I need next week to go smoothly, and I need to not end up in the hospital again, and in particular if the hospital thing happens again I need to just start thinking about taking an entire grading period off, because I have no idea what the hell’s going on.  For once, I want to go back to work.

I’m tired of writing posts where people feel like they need to wish me well in comments, honestly.

Later today or tomorrow, depending on my mood, I’ll talk about Searching for Malumba‘s launch.  The tl;dr version: surprisingly successful!  But more details later.

How are you?

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15 thoughts on “#Weekendcoffeeshare: Halloween edition

  1. I’m good. I have one more week at my current job and then I’m off to a new one. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll be getting out behind the desk I normally sit behind for ten hours a day and I’ll be getting back out on the production floor supervising. So I’m optimistic.

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  2. Well, since you asked, I am getting the car maintained and then of ft get candy and other what not for the holiday festivities. Likely involving cooking a bit and setting aside food for the ancestors etc (I can be old school with the holidays like that, ancient Celt style so alcohol will be involved too) then off to a party or two. May no5 make it to the wedding celebration though I confess. I would think watching the Crow would lead one to not get married on Halloween considering how It worked out in the film, but I guess for my friend caution is thrown to the wind…? Maybe? Meh. Tis a sacred holiday that I feel is more where the focus for the day should be anyway, and the reception is and a bar downtown…yeah I want to deal with crazy drunk people and excess police officers…maybe I will do my thing and send and card? I should be off the hook on this on the right? So long as I do not mention the other party? Nerd fun vs. Downtown madness.


  3. I clicked on your first link in the post and read the title WhatTheFuckOWeen and lost it laughing! I’m from central IN, but I have no memory of a snowstorm last year. It must have been specially dialed up just for you! My “If We Were Having Coffee” post this week is pretty sappy, really. I do best when I recap the funniest things that have happened to me during the week. Time to go, I need to outline a plot for NaNo! Nice meeting you.

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  4. I’m looking forward to beginning NaNoWriMo tomorrow… and then losing touch with the outside world for a month. I will refrain from wishing you well and just say that I would be happy to have morning coffee with you 🙂


  5. Not Patricia, though you are getting some moisture drawn up from the tropics. Just a typical fall weather pattern.

    If misery loves company, even the tropics are a little gloomy today – we had thunder this morning and the sky is starting to darken again.

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  6. Luther, if you think you’re feeling sick and needing a bit of sympathy, well just spare a thought for little ol me. This Halloween blogging is really quite dangerous, sickening not to mention very, very scary. I’ve survived an eyeball in my coffee. Ghosts, witches and zombies knocking on my front door and roaming round my street. If Halloween had been held tonight, the heavens really did open up and the sky was filled with claps of thunder, lightening just like that barrier between the dead and the living had opened up a day late and I was about to get swallowed up. Actually, that was my dog licking my toes. I love my dog but that really gives me the creeps.
    The real nightmare for my husband begins in the morning when he has to drop our son off for his Canberra excursion at something like 5.00AM. He’ll definitely be needing a strong coffee!
    Hope this week is better xx Rowena


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