#Weekendcoffeeshare: Orange juice edition


If we were having coffee, I’d be chasing it with orange juice, and probably not enjoying the combination all that much.  My students went through half a fracking box of tissues in class yesterday, and one girl and one co-worker in particular may as well have had spigots attached to their noses for the majority of the day.  I got home yesterday and could physically feel the sick trying to take root in my body, so I’m ODing on vitamin C and trying to head off my traditional Third Week of School Illness.

Beyond that, I’d probably keep my mouth shut and see if I could get you to do most of the talking.  I would try not to let the conversation turn to things like convention plans for 2016 (man oh man do I have convention plans for 2016, after getting locked out of several opportunities in 2015) because I don’t want to count chickens before they’re hatched.  I’d also be trying to calculate just how much editing I could get done with the rest of my weekend when I wasn’t at work or grading things or trying not to bore my friends.  There’s a good chance of rain at OtherJob tonight, and I’m kinda crossing my fingers for it, because that way I can get some school work done.

I would try and not let the wave of despair that thought creates show on my face.  All in all, despite the whining I’ve been doing, this year is shaping up nicely.  I just need to beat my PM class into shape.

I would probably try and talk you into coming over and playing with the drone with me, because it’s still that much fun.

But yeah.  Mostly alternating genuine listening with glassy-eyed stares, and oh my god so much Vitamin C.

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7 thoughts on “#Weekendcoffeeshare: Orange juice edition

  1. Sick or allergies? I know I’m in a different part of the country, but just about everyone I know is complaining about this allergy season, saying it’s one of the worst ever. I’ve seen more runny noses in the last week then I usually do in a year….


    1. It is possible that it is both. I traditionally get sick right around the third week of school because my body just breaks after spending August going full-tilt 24/7. That said, the weather changed this week too.

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  2. We’ve all had summer colds this week, and they’re the worst. I think now that Little Jedi is in school, we all get sick more often than we used to.

    I haven’t managed to accomplish nearly as much as I’d intended to this week, but that’s just par for the course, I suppose.


  3. Hope you manage to keep those germs at bay! Have a good weekend, once you get to it…it sounds chaotic. I’ll be over to Sourcerer shortly to read your review of Fear the Walking Dead – it looks epic! 😀

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