Covid Update, Day 5

This kinda sucks, y’all.

I’m taking at least one more day. The earliest I could go back is tomorrow and I’m not going to; I still have a fever, or maybe have a new fever, and the fatigue over the last couple of days has been intense. I’ve taken three naps today. That’s not a joke. I probably could have spent the whole day asleep today if I’d really wanted to.

Part of me feels like I ought to suck it up and go in, and part of me is like 99.5 is a fucking fever, dude, and you have to stand for eight hours. You can’t even lie down for eight hours right now. The really weird thing is that I genuinely don’t have a hell of a lot right now in terms of other symptoms. I had the one night of nightmare chills, about a day and a half of a rough cough, and today there’s been some digestive stuff, which is weirder than it sounds because I haven’t been eating all that much.

I dunno. I’ve been sicker. I’ve been a lot sicker. But this reminds me of going on to brain drugs right now. All I want is to sleep.

I’ve been promising book reviews for a couple of days now, and I haven’t had the energy for them, so let me do this at least: I’ve just read Hunger of the Gods, the second book in John Gwynne’s Bloodsworn trilogy, and The Rage of Dragons, the first book in Evan Winter’s The Burning. The second book of The Burning is out and on my Unread Shelf; I’ll probably get to it pretty quickly. I’ve already reviewed the first book in the Bloodsworn quartet, and the short version is that the second book absolutely lives up to the promise of the first; right now these two books are my favorite things I’ve read this year and I don’t know how I’m going to make it a year (at least, as there’s no release date yet) for the third book.

Rage of Dragons actually scratches a pretty similar itch to the Bloodsworn books, only with a culture inspired by the Xhosa and the Zulu instead of the Norse. I kind of feel bad discussing it in the same post as the Bloodsworn, because it’s not the achievement that those books are– but it’s important to point out that this is Winter’s debut novel, and John Gwynne has been around for a good while now. This book focuses on a single main character rather than employing rotating POVs, and it’s pretty explicitly a revenge story, to the point where it can feel a little one-note at times. But it’s done well and I’m looking forward to the sequel. Honestly, if you enjoyed Bloodsworn, you’ll like this one too.

I slept all day

I definitely owe you two book reviews, though, so I’ll try and get those written up tomorrow if I can. In the meantime I’m sort of half-assedly watching Our Flag Means Death and reading. But damn, I’m tired today.

Covid report, Day 3

Either exactly the same as yesterday, or maybe even a tiny bit worse, I’m not sure; I feel like I’m coughing a lot more today than I was yesterday, and it’s quite a chest-rattler of a cough. The fever is definitely gone, at least according to one of the thermometers, and the congestion is still here. I haven’t gone crazy yet but after I finish this post I’m going to finish the book I’m reading, which will mean I blew through a 600+-page book in about a day. I plan to read three books tomorrow. I am definitely out of work until at least Thursday and it looks like I’m going to be able to use union sick bank days so that I won’t be losing salary for the days I’m out. I did have to go to the actual doctor today– turns out the sick bank doesn’t pay me just on my say-so– but the test I got there was literally completed without leaving my car, which was pretty awesome. It’s one of the higher-accuracy-but-takes-longer style tests, but I’ve got plenty of time.

I’m weirdly resentful about having to put some sort of lesson together for tomorrow, but that’s the next thing before I can go to bed. I didn’t get a nap today. I’m not sure if that’s progress or not because I’m ready to go to bed right now. A couple of things to do first, though.

Probably a couple of book reviews tomorrow instead of a Report. Hopefully there’s not much to tell you other than “I feel better.”

I just remembered this

At some point on Thursday I was idly chatting with a few of my kids and I realized that the next day was going to be Friday the 13th. As I was already aware that several key staff members were going to be out, I said, out loud and in front of witnesses, that we were going to be in for a mess of a day.

And honestly? I ended up picking up two periods of class coverage but Friday ended up being a really chill day at work. And then I get in the car to go home and on the drive home it starts settling in that I’m getting sick, and then … boom. Fucking Covid.

I’m not typically particularly superstitious and I don’t remember the last time I even noticed a Friday the 13th, so this is an extra special layer of bullshit on the cake.

Covid report, Day 2

… I’m fine, I guess?

I’ll be real: if it was just a matter of symptoms, I would absolutely be planning on returning to work tomorrow. It wouldn’t even be in question. Right now I’m probably about exactly 48 hours from my positive test. My fever was up to 101.7 yesterday, although I sort of suspect the thermometer of measuring high, because I feel like 101.7 is real real sick and I never even felt close to that sick. The fever broke last night and I’m back to normal today. Really, the only symptoms I have are an occasional cough, equally occasional sneezing, and some really slight congestion– enough that I notice it but not enough that I find it particularly debilitating.

There’s also some fatigue; I got bored this afternoon and did some cleaning and took a long shower, shaving my face and my head, and I needed a nap afterwards. I slept until 11:15 this morning, too, and that hasn’t happened unintentionally in forever. One way or another, though, barring some sort of relapse the main difficulty has been keeping myself busy without losing my mind. The vaccines have done their job, as far as I’m concerned; this virus has killed a million people in the US and it was a two-day mild inconvenience for me. I’d prefer to not have gotten it at all, obviously, but so far this has been a best-case scenario.

Fingers are gonna remain crossed regardless, though. I know this fucker tends to morph on people, so I’m far from out of the woods, but so far so good. Plus Sushi has been super friendly for the last couple of days. She’s definitely the prickly one of the three cats, so it’s always nice when she decides to like people.