SKYLIGHTS now available in print!!!!

Right here, at the Amazon, for $12.95.

More later.  Dancing now.


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7 thoughts on “SKYLIGHTS now available in print!!!!

  1. What kind of dancing, that’s what I want to know! Is it the crazy, happy kind? A joyful jig, perhaps? Seriously though – congratulations. There’s nothing quite like holding your creation in your hands – one you’ve shed blood, sweat and tears over. Enjoy 🙂

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  2. Can’t remember if I already said congrats on the blog or not, and too lazy to look. So, congrats! Or congrats again. Whichever applies. I do no think the sans-serif font will be that big a deal. If people will read it if they like the first chapter, and if they don’t, well, hey. They already bought it! LOL, I hope.

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