So here’s a cool thing to see

IMG_2193Quite fun, to look at a bookshelf and see a nice series of books that have your work in them.  The copy of SKYLIGHTS on the right there is the “final” edition, the one you’ll get when you order it from Amazon for only $12.95, and what looks like a bunch of scrape and fold marks that leading edge there is actually shininess from the glossy cover.  I think I might have preferred the matte, ultimately, but who knows.  Order one, and then you can help me decide which it should be!

(Incidentally: I feel like there’s something inappropriate about shelving myself next to Elie Wiesel, and that’s probably not going to last.  It’s where I had room on a shelf.  :-))

There are a handful of posts planned to varying degrees of completion in my head right now, including one that I actually promised someone would hit a couple of days ago and haven’t gotten to yet.  This week has been startlingly tiring; I went to bed way too early yesterday and may well follow that with going to bed way too early tonight too.  But, in the relatively near future, one or more of these may happen:

  • An entertaining teacher stories tale;
  • A book review of Adam Dreece’s Along Came A Wolf (tl;dr version: yes!)
  • A full traffic analysis of being Freshly Pressed a week ago;
  • A few minor reveals involving the new book, and possibly a beg for alpha readers;
  • There is the slightest chance of a contest involving the paperback, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

I have taken tomorrow off.  I am chaining myself to this computer all day, and I’m getting the first draft done if it kills me.  It might.  It’s going to require a very high-productivity day, but getting it done is definitely possible if I’m able to keep my head on straight and not get distracted.  I’m done blowing deadlines, dammit.

How’re you?


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