In which the world refuses to generate posts for me

Let’s see.  Here’s what’s going on lately:

  • I’m trying to 100% Spider-Man PS4, which has mostly meant letting the boy take over every now and again so he can go catch criminals;
  • I’m losing steam on Red Dead Redemption 2, which is suffering from a not-moving-fast-enough main story and way too much to do in the rest of the game, leading to option paralysis;
  • I’m rereading the Broken Earth books by N.K. Jemisin, which continue to be awesome, and are in fact better now that I’m rereading/binging them;
  • I have heard that we get both a Captain Marvel and an Avengers 4 trailer this week, which … well, prepare for enthusiasm on my part about that; 
  • I had a dream last night about The Goddamn Skylights Sequel, where someone else wrote it for me and published it and it was OK for me to take all the credit;
  • I am starting to think about the annual 10 Best New(*) Books I Read This Year post, and kind of wish I had thought to do a 10 Best New(*) Books I Read From 2013-2018 post last year, when it would have been a nice even five years.  Maybe I’ll do that this year for the past six.
  • I need about 5000 pageviews in December to have had more blog traffic than last year.  That ought to be a very achievable number the way things have been going lately so long as traffic doesn’t crater too hard around Christmas.
  • Work is fine, but I have way too many meetings coming in the next couple of weeks and I’m not remotely prepared for the one I have tomorrow.  Hopefully there’s going to be a way to compress the schedule for the pre-meeting training (yeah, that’s a thing) that I looked at once and abandoned once I realized how many 20-minute videos they wanted me to watch.
  • The fastest way to get me to abandon doing anything is to expect me to watch videos of any length at all, by the way, and I can’t believe people don’t realize that.  I can’t speed up a video and I don’t have 17 uninterruptible minutes right now, so you go to hell and I’m not gonna watch any of it.
  • I’m working on doubling my Twitter following.  20K or bust!
  • I discovered today, in the process of reading about and laughing at Tumblr’s decision to set itself on fire on the 17th, that I still have a Tumblr.  So I fiddled around on Tumblr for a while.  I still don’t know what the hell Tumblr is.  

None of that was worth a post on its own, but hopefully all together there was something interesting in there.  What’s going on in your end of the world?

So here’s a cool thing to see

IMG_2193Quite fun, to look at a bookshelf and see a nice series of books that have your work in them.  The copy of SKYLIGHTS on the right there is the “final” edition, the one you’ll get when you order it from Amazon for only $12.95, and what looks like a bunch of scrape and fold marks that leading edge there is actually shininess from the glossy cover.  I think I might have preferred the matte, ultimately, but who knows.  Order one, and then you can help me decide which it should be!

(Incidentally: I feel like there’s something inappropriate about shelving myself next to Elie Wiesel, and that’s probably not going to last.  It’s where I had room on a shelf.  :-))

There are a handful of posts planned to varying degrees of completion in my head right now, including one that I actually promised someone would hit a couple of days ago and haven’t gotten to yet.  This week has been startlingly tiring; I went to bed way too early yesterday and may well follow that with going to bed way too early tonight too.  But, in the relatively near future, one or more of these may happen:

  • An entertaining teacher stories tale;
  • A book review of Adam Dreece’s Along Came A Wolf (tl;dr version: yes!)
  • A full traffic analysis of being Freshly Pressed a week ago;
  • A few minor reveals involving the new book, and possibly a beg for alpha readers;
  • There is the slightest chance of a contest involving the paperback, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea.

I have taken tomorrow off.  I am chaining myself to this computer all day, and I’m getting the first draft done if it kills me.  It might.  It’s going to require a very high-productivity day, but getting it done is definitely possible if I’m able to keep my head on straight and not get distracted.  I’m done blowing deadlines, dammit.

How’re you?


This post is basically just a whole bunch of Tweets strung together

luckycharms02…got home from work, fell asleep on the recliner (well, mostly) while they boy watched Dumbo, reflected on how catchy racism is (the phrase “be done seen ’bout evrythang” is gonna be running through my head for a bit) and then had cereal for dinner.

Because fuckit, cereal for dinner, dammit.  Lucky Charms, specifically.

Fact: WordPress replaces “fuckit” with “faucet” if you aren’t paying attention, which… is not the same thing.

Secondary fact: The little marshmallows in Lucky Charms and various other cereals are called “Marbits,” and if you are savvy, you can get them in giant bags all by themselves.  I have not done such a thing, but my wife has given bags of marbits (WordPress correction: marabouts) as Christmas gifts.

Related to the post below: you may have noticed that the rape/sexual assault complaints about Bill Cosby have been all over the news lately.  Ponder the fact that the actual women coming forward never really led to much, but a relatively unknown male comic jokes about the assaults and now it’s national news.

Thanksgiving is next week.  I am not sure how this is possible.

My son, who as we established a couple of days ago is three, got a report card from his preschool.  It is thoroughly standards-based and something like nine or ten pages long.  It doesn’t have actual grades on it but if it did I think he’d be on honor roll.  I can live with that.

We are supposed to get somewhere between four and eight inches of snow tonight, but I am not lucky enough for it to result in school closings.

The federal monitoring visit today went… interestingly.  I may talk more about it later but it doesn’t fit into the theme of this post very well.

Prepare yourself for grabbaggery

  • Kotobukiya-Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Rocket-Raccoon-Groot-Statue-e1392822625414I am listening to, of all things, Beethoven right now, because bloody Peg + Cat has put the fifth symphony in my head and I can’t get it out.  This is… kinda rare.
  • I’ve ordered the statue to the right there and I absolutely cannot wait for it to show up.
  • I start full-time back to work tomorrow, so the posting schedule here is gonna go back to what it is during the school year– that is, no early post unless I manage to get one written the night before, and likely the first one of the day coming between four and six.  Traffic will no doubt take a hit; I will cry.  Oh well.  I’ll roll in a pile of money to make it all better.
  • That said, I just came up with another post I need to write, so you may have one tomorrow morning anyway.
  • Here’s the Guardians of the Galaxy review, as I’ve been thinking about it: in the ways it’s good, it’s really really good, but it’s sort of a letdown in others, and is actually one of those rare movies that could have benefited from being about twenty minutes longer.  There’s enough characters and enough going on here that the movie could have  used a little breathing room here and there.  That said, all of the characters are amazing, particularly Rocket and Groot, who could carry a movie entirely by themselves.  I didn’t know anything about Dave Bautista before seeing him as Drax but he’s hilarious and seems to have been born to play the role.  Gamora, sadly, is a bit underutilized, but I think they’re holding her back for some of the more Thanos-intensive movies to come, so I can live with it.  That said, she gets one of the best lines of the movie, and the fact that they didn’t hook her and Quill up is fantastic.
  • Weirdly, part of the reason I’m having trouble being more detailed about my feelings for GotG is that after a few minutes of watching Groot and Rocket interact I started thinking about how to handle a Benevolence Archives movie, as the main characters have similar height disparities.  It’s tougher than you might think to shoot a film when one character is of a substantially different height than the others, and when you mix a really short character and a really tall character with people of normal height… hella tricky.  The fact that it’s so seamless is one of the movie’s biggest strengths.  Anyway, I need to see it again when it’s not going to distract me– long story short, if you had any thoughts about seeing the film I’d highly recommend it.  I think some of the praise it’s getting is overblown, but it’s been just about the best-reviewed movie of the goddamn year so that kinda comes with the territory.
  • I am hoping to be able to tell you some book news this week.  I am also hoping for some time to goddamn write this week.  I’ve been stagnant for over a week now and I’m kinda ready to be done with that.